Guess what!!

Hi girls as most of you know I finished my last pill a month ago and this morning did a test and it was BFN. I am on CD 29 and about 8pm this evenng I got my AF!!!!

Can you believe it I feel so lucky so far this my first natural bleed as come bang on time?? Do you think now this has happened that most months will or that that will start to get a little longer? I really thought I would be wait ages for my first natural bleed?

K xx


  • Great news hun! I hope your cycle keeps regular, tho I have read a few posts where they take a while to settle, and just when you think you have them pegged, they throw a wobbler and come really late/early! Hope this is not the case with you tho, and that you are one of the lucky ones! x
  • I just feel really lukcy they have come back so fast I really thought I would have to wait for ages you know and have a really long cyc. I am so pleased my first cyc is 29 days image

    K xx
  • That's great if your cycle gets regular straight away, makes counting your cycle/ov/af due date much easier!!

    Here's to a good month!

    Baby dust xx
  • Thank you I am really hoping that they stay this way I am worried now they will get longer and longer.

    K xx
  • Brill news k-lou, It's a good sign that your body's getting to a fertile state quickly.
    That bfp is a step nearer...
    maxi xxx
  • least you know where you are now with your cycle still waiting for my first natural bleed but no signs of it yet good luck for next month and hope it dont take you too long to get your bfp
  • Thanks girls, I have not got sore boobs or pain just areally sore lower back? What cyc day you on again Becky?

    K XX
  • 29 should have had af 2day always been 28-29 cycle only went back on the pill for 3 mths and finished it at the end of april so was hoping it wouldn change my cycle
  • I am sure you will either come on tonight or tomorrow image I was worried as I had been on it for two years and hearing some poor girls on here that are still waiting for the AF to come back.

    Do you think I should start taking my EPO today as it's my first CD1?? I am worried I wont OV this month as I don t; think I did last month as I had not EWCM. Do you know if it makes you have more cm all the time or just when you are due to OV?

  • im hoping ill happen soon keep going to the toilet to check and its pissing me off now. from what ive read on here id take it 2day its worth a try im lucky i had plenty of ewcm and used ov test too
  • OK just popped it image my lord they are even bigger than the Folic pills!!!

    Its a 1000mg is that ok?

    K xx
  • im really pleased for you that you didnt have to wait long for your 1st natural bleed! heres to June! xxx
  • Thank you sweetie image

    K xx
  • Fab news about your cycle K- Lou. I came off pill in March and had 2 af- 31 days and 28. I think your cycle will more or less stick to those times as mine have now! I'm on CD 11 and this morn felt sure signs of OV? Anyway we'll see this week. Like you feel lucky to have got back to normal so soon and it makes planning around dates etc so much easier!

    Love Em J xx
  • Thanks Em I know I really am pleased though the pain has been sore!!!!! It's worth it as now I should know roughly when my AF is due so that will help when it comes to OV and the dates.

    K xx
  • Hi K-lou!! Great news!! My first cycle was 40 days which I was amazed at!! I had been on pill for 10 years and was extremely irregular before - so it is nice to know my body is functioning normally!! My Pain was horrendous too - but only for a couple of days, then eased of back to normal pain. i had 6 day AF in the end which was also good as i used to 10 - 14 days before pill!! Good luck and I hope we both stay regular!!

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