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got a peak today!!!

Hi everyone,well im on my 2nd month of using my clearblue fertility monitor,and today im on day 13,and for the first time,the reading was PEAK!!!!! which means i am super fertile at the moment!!!! so i just thought id share my complete and utter joy with you all!!
Now you will have to excuse me,as im away to jump on my hubby!!!
love to you all,
Gayle xxxxxxxxxxx


  • Hi Gayle, good luck! xxx
  • Hi Gayle
    Fingers crossed tonights the night image

    Helen x x
  • hi gayle1979 hope tonight is the night hun fingers crossed for you sammy xxxxxx
  • Go for it!! Good luck xxxxxx
  • Woohoo go for it hon - I will watch the news tomorrow morning for any reports on movement on the rictor scale!!

    Love abby xx
  • wheyyyy gayle, go for it.. do it tomorrow night to if you can.. still be very fertile then aswell, and better chance if do it twice lol..
    enjoy hun
    caz xx
  • HI hun, hopefully uve already gone for it, and this morning too...this ttc is hard isnt it lol!!! xxxx
  • happy humping gayle luv xxx

  • ohhhhhh hope you got plenty of baby dancing in!!!!
  • Hey Gayle!!!!!! Long time no speak. Wishing you the very best of luck hun. We may be doing the same. Just got back from 2 fantastic weeks in Florida and having been stressed up to the nines with work causing my afs to stop for 3 months, they returned while i was away which was great! Day 17 today and although attacked oh a lot since day 11, i noticed some ov type cm today so going to have to attack him again now for the next few days!!!!! Ah well, such a shame! lol. Good luck to you, you really deserve this. Take good care. love and kisses, bluebird xxxx
  • oh what good news bluebird - get to it with that oh! hehe!
  • Awww thanks Charli, i've already phoned him and told him the good news!!!!! Not sure if i heard a groan or not! lol. Too bad, i'm gonna get him whatever he wants! he he he. xxxx
  • good good - just jump him when he comes through the front door! I would - unfortunately my drive has disappeared throught he floor much to hubbies disgust but hey he will have to live with it!
  • Ha ha ha ha!!!!!! Ah well, that's life eh????? I will have to jump him when i get home as i am still at work, just about to leave to go to a friend's for dinner. Not sure i am going to be able to concentrate on her much thinking about what i'm going to do when i get home! lol xxxx
  • :lol: :roll: well enjoy your dinner and your other entertainment tonight - just glad you had a lovely relaxing holiday that helped things back on track - just don't let stinky work get you all stressed again (yeah right I am back to work next monday and no by 10 on monday mornign I will be a stress head again but hey I can give the right advice!)
  • lol! Thanks very much. About to log off and bog off now so hopefully catch you again soon. If its any consollation, i am like that on Monday mornings, it usually begins on my way in knowing its 5 days again until another day off!!!! lol xxxxxx
  • Hi Gayle,
    Congrats on your peak, that is fantastic news. Lets hope you get a BFP this month.
    I've haven't been on for a while as I've been away on hols with my hubby. I also had a peak whilst away. Hurrah, holiday sex was even more lovely than normal.
    The monitor has been very different this month. 1st month I had to do 20 tests had loads of high days and got a peak on day 18 and 19. This month I've only used 10 test sticks, got 1 high on day 15 then peak on days 16 and 17 followed by a high on day 18. Now we are just playing the waiting game Af should be here about the 11th Sept but I reckon I'll know if not pregnant before then as i get (sorry tmi) brown discharge for a few days before!!
    When will your AF be due, must be about the same time as me is it????
    Just one more thing which is very strange, I noticed a couple of days ago that my right nipple is leaking a clear kind of liquid stuff. It's not loads but very strange, I guess it's just hormones, it probably happens every month but never really noticed it before!! Anyway I'm not reading too much in to it.
    Keeping everything crossed for both of us. xxx
  • hi everyone,thank-you all so much for your good luck're all fabulous! well i had another peak day yesterday and then a high day today! so ive barely been out of the bedroom lol!!!!!
    hi Bluebird,glad you had a great holiday. hi shrewpin.yeh my monitor is completely different this month aswell! last month i used 20 sticks and only got low and high peak!! this month was high on days 11 and 12 and peak on 13 and 14 and high today(day 15) my af is due sometime around the 14th. im keeping everything crossed for us hun. good luck everyone.Gayle xxxxxxx
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