Yipee, AF is here!!!

After timing meant we missed ov last month, I thought it was going to happen again this month and that I would ovulate whilst on holiday, But af has arrived and I've never been more pleased to see her. I have emailed my donor to see if he can do next thursday (day 11) as I go away on friday. I know that its a long shot but as I usually ov on day 12 and spermies are supposed to live in the woman for three to five days I think it has to be worth a try!! Just hoping now that my donor can do this day!!

I'm so pleased with my body today that I'm filled with PMA!!!



  • Good luck hjanea,
    Hope you have a fab holiday and a BFP when you get home.
  • good luck, heres to PMA x
  • good luck!!! hope your donor can do it and you have a fab holiday with a BFP waiting for you when you get back xxx
  • Sending u lots of luck. Enjoy your holiday. x
  • yeah!!!! Glad your feeling positive, good luck with donor and enjoy ur hols!!!!x
  • Thanks for your good wishes ladies. Got everything crossed now that my donor will be able to oblige!x
  • Day before ov is supposed to be a winner then lots of soothing relaxation. Sounds like a plan.

    Enjoy X
  • Good luck hun, really hope it all comes together for you, and that your body playing ball is a good sign! xx


  • My donor can do it!!!!!!!
  • yeahh good luck hun hope everything goes well for you enjoy your hols xxx
  • Hi Helen,

    Just wanted to say goodluck,I'm so pleased your donor is available. The child in me just had to picture that phonecall but I'm daft like that LOL. I hope it brings you your BFP and perfect timing with the hol to help with the 2ww.

    Well done you x
  • Its bizarrely impersonal and clinical.The lol bit is that after reading about positions and bfps on here I am contemplating putting the syringe in from behind and then lying on my front with my bum in the air, but dont know if my arms are long enough!!! Hope no one is eating their tea!!!
    Thanks for the good wishes. Actually hadnt thought about hols filling some of 2ww, though going with my parents and lo whos 3 so may be more stressful than being at home!x
  • I did think that may be tmi, but I'm a nurse so used to talking about things that one wouldnt normally!
  • Helen that's a fab idea, hell it's worth a shot! (no pun intended). You are so lucky to know when you O, my DH is fed up the all the BD'ing and it's sooooo hard. If I could even limit it to within a certain week then it's be a start!

    I tried that position on Mon as I'd heard about it being a good one on here, it's alright and keeps the soldiers in (TMI) but makes my back and arms kill with the waiting part. I also feel a right plonk with my butt in the air whilst my DH was watching tv next to me. Wanted to BD last night too but no such luck (DH is off it), tonight he'll be in late so same story, I'll have to get the number for your donor, LOL.

    Do you mind me asking if he's the same biological dad as your LO? Sorry I'm being nosy but find it really interesting! My sister is gay and I'm always telling her to find a donor and make me an aunty, he he.

    Where are you going on your hols?
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