hi,happy new year

hi everyone. im back! i used this site a while ago when was pregnant with my second child,

i came off the cerezette pill on the 16th and think i had AF the day after, i have so many pregnancy symptoms, but they could be my hormones getting back to normal?

anyway tested and looks negative but they are from the pound shop lol.

wanted to ask, do these posts notify my email? because i dont want them to lol.

btw. my name is nikki im 24 have 2 daughters aged 8 and 3...and i live in london..what about everyone else? xxx


  • Hi hun, welcome back to BE image they only notify you if you click on the "notify me of responses" at the top.
    I'm Jolene, I'm 26 and trying for baby number 1 at the minute.

    Fingers crossed we get our BFP's real soon xx
  • Ps. Happy New Year x
  • hii how long u been trying for hun x
  • this is my second cycle trying, we caught first time but I miscarried at 6weeks so back to hoping and praying we get lucky again. I'm on my 2 week wait at the minute and trying my best not to get my hopes up but it's close to impossible! x
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