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This is to get all those crazy women out there who are on the 2ww to look through and drive yourself more mad!!


K xx


  • nope nope nope not looking LOL!!!!!!!! xxxxxxxxx


  • ha ha ha come on you know you want to do it LOL evil laugh

    k xx
  • NOOOOOO!!!!!!! Not this site again!! image

    They are just sooo obsessive and nuts! :lol: Its like one of those medical diagnosis sites, you read their 'symptoms' and BANG! you suddenly have them too! :lol:



  • I thought it was sooo funny, a few women are like mycm smelled like...... I was like WTF?? I was just waiting for them to say it tasted like.....


    K xxx
  • LOL @ k-lou! I would love to join you in symptom spotting but its a bit too early for me as im only 2dpo! xxx
  • That site could drive you mad!! :lol:
  • debbiemc - thats ok me dear I had pains and god knows what a few DPO you can join in image

    Shellk you are sooo right it's madness these women are worse than me and that is saying something??? they list everything going like 3DPO they already have a whole list of things

    K xx
  • lol! I am not liking the CM smelled like.....line image The thing is if you sit and think "how do i feel today" I think you will always find something you think may be different.
    Its funny though cos it seems that some women have loads of symptoms and some very few.
    Goodl uck getting your BFP. Babydust xx
  • Oh ok then!! lol. Ive never had any symptoms leading up to any of my previous pregnancys but i suppose this could be a 1st! xxx
  • I agree, that site is insane. Listing a stuffy nose on 2dpo is not a symptom, it's a coincidence.
    PG symptoms are always so similar to AF symptoms that it's near impossible to diagnose yourself as pg or not that early. Best we all just try and get through our 2ww's as quickly and painlessly as possible.
  • isn't it nice to know there are people out there who are more obsessed than us!!!! We're all relatively normal compared to them :lol:
    smelling cm :roll: what will they do next????
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