Is it worth doing a pregnancy test....

Is it worth doing a pregnancy test before you miss your first period??


  • theres no reason why not, the test will detect HCG so obv if you miss your period ur more likely to have a higher level but you can test a few days before too but it would be advised to use a v sensative one like first response.
  • thanks!

    What are the first symtoms? Been trying for 6 months, so quite new to all of this.
  • There are many symptoms and every woman is different!

    the most common ones are:

    Missed period (AF)!!
    nausea / sickness
    stomach cramps
    changes to boobs / nipples
    implantation bleeding
    frequent weeing
    food craving
    changes in smell
    changes to complexion

    the longer you leave the test the more chance it is of being BFP! Even with FR - only 98% of woman had a result 2 days before AF due.
  • Thanks thats really helpful. I didn't realise you could experience them even before AF. I have a week to go, but have no symptons yet so unlikely of being BFP
  • pamelak - as SB said - some woman do not experience ANY symptoms at all! It is possible to get symptoms as early as 4DPO!! Unless your AF arrives there is every chance you are PG, and it isn't over until she does. Good luck and I hope you get the result you want xx

    SB - we must have posted at same time lol xx
  • I just find the waiting game real hard and have mixed emotions about the whole thing. Seeing other babies makes me extremely broody but when I'm busy at work I think I can probably wait another year. Is this normal??
  • Sooo normal - I am completely broody, and swear that everywhere I look there are babies and PG women! Plus they all look sooo young!! lol!!

    the waiting game is awful - trust me I am now 8 days late and going insane as keep getting BFN on tests!! I have doctors in 1 1/2wks though so hopefully they will find out what is going on xx

    Try to keep your PMA up honey xx
  • Thanks Immense! Soo glad these are normal feelings! Although at times they don't feel normal. Definately need to start thinking more positive about this. To be honest I haven't been as regiment as I should on this, because the emotions have been flying up and down.

    Good luck with your docs appt. x
  • Thanks but I am now going to cancel it - she found me image
  • that evil witch.. some positive energy coming your way xx
  • Thank you hun - I need it xx
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