bubble of air??


i am 11 dpo, and still no "symptoms" as such, just lower back ache.

but now i have a weird "bubble of air" feeling in my lower abdomen, and no, it's not trapped wind!!!

only 3 days till af due, just getting a bit excited image


  • I have only three days too though i am more scared and just want to know now. I have no signs as well just af ones like fuller boobs.

    Are you sure it's not trapped wind lol lol lol

  • hahah, definatly not!! it's in a different place!! lolololol!!!!!
  • Good luck girls, really hope you get your BFP.
  • Not long to go until the end of the week, although I am sure the next few days will be agony for you. I'm rooting for you both this week!
  • Fingers crossed hun xx
  • hmmm, so the airness seems to have gone and its just a dull stretchy pain, like pulling a muscle. and my right hand side is really sensitive...

    gah...i knew i should'nt have come back!!! clutching at straws here!!
  • Good luck odd sock and k-lou! Everything (except legs!) crossed for friday for you both! xx
  • Don't get me started....lol!! I had a bubble of air too! And achy sore boobs, bad back, heart burn, slight sickness, fatigue - you name it I've had it - and BFN today on day 28!

    I really thought I was - it's amazing what the mind will believe!

    However in your case hun - I really hope it's a BFP!!!!

    Fingers crossed!!!

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