Hellooo - newbie!

Hi Ladies,

I'm ttc number 2 and wondered if I might join you?

I think I'm around cd15 and am due af around the 21st May. Anyone else due around the same time as me? Be great to test with someone if I'm late (fingers crossed).

Only started trying this month tho so probably woefully optimistic! x


  • Hello and welcome to the forum! I finished my pill 29/4 if my cycle remains the same (which i doubt very much) I will ovulate around 14/5 and be due my AF on 31/5.

    There is nothing wrong with being optimistic - I am the same xx



  • Welcome

    Im too am ttc#2 My dd is 7months old and now i sooooo broody for more. Im due to test on the 19th/20th so pretty close to you.This is my 2nd month of trying however my cycles are a little mucked up as i didnt have an af last month however i use opks so know i have ovulated.

    Do you have a DS?,How old is he?(profile pic)

  • hi and welcome,
    i'm also TTC number 2. i have a DD who is 9 months old.
    any questions these ladies are great at answering them so feel free to ask.

  • welcome to the group. we are ttc number1. started trying over easter weekend although came off the pill in october and used other contraception so could get cycles sorted. im due af 17th may!
  • hello and welcome to be!
  • Hello! *Waves* xxx
  • hey iwantmore
    we are nearly the same im CD16 today i think! how old is ur LO? mine is 12month. yeh im due on 20th for AF, so see what happens! im same as you first month! welcome xjen
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