Lacking PMA and symptoms! Boo!


How are you all?

The BFP's are lovely to see and should fill me with lots of PMA but I don't have any.

AF is due on tuesday and I know she'll arrive. I had sore bb's but they've gone now and I have no symptoms. Is anyone else due af soon? Hope you get your bfps.

DH had flu so we only bd'd twice on day of and day after ovulatution which is prob why my pma is lacking!

Going to make sure we bd every other day from when he's better.

2010 will be the year we all get our bfps!

Good luck ladies!


  • Hi Meem

    My AF is due tuesday too, well I think it is, this is based on my withdrawal bleed so fingers crossed so then I'll have a basis.

    You may still be pregnant, fingers crossed x

    V :\)
  • The month I got a BFP I had no symptoms at all so don't count yourself out yet hun!!
    I'm not due AF until the 10th, feels soooo long away, I really hate all this waiting!!

    Fingers crossed for us! xx
  • Hi meem,

    Remember its not over till af gets you! Stop SS (though its had) as this will stress you. Some times it takes only 1 bedding to get the swimmers to hit the target.
    My af is not due until next friday and I am trying to avoid SS. Hope you feel better xx
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