is this a bfp on an opk? please help?

been testing since friday and currently on cd 18, ttc for 9 months but this is first month using opk.

any advice much appreciated

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  • hiya, i would say the bottom one is a bfp xxxxx get bd'ing image xxxxx
  • g/c from DIJ - I would say yes - or within a day or two of being about to ov! Get bd'ing hon and good luck for this month.

    I used the same tests by the looks of it - my line when I got my positive (only 1 and fell pregnant that month!) was slightly darker than yours, so I would bd tonight and test again this afternoon or tomorrow (twice tomorrow I would say) and just compare the lines again, but it looks like you are about to ov in next couple of days :\)
  • ooooo those are the exact same ones as mine image

    i think the test line could still get a bit darker though tbh i started using last month and had a few days of almost the same colour as the control line but then got a massively dark line!

    bd tonight just in case though image

  • OMG get to BD you lol xxxx
  • hey guys i wonder if you can help? i posted yesterday the picture of the opk tests that i have been doing over the last couple of days, replies made me think that it was defo ov, i have tested again today and line away back to faint (practically invisable) would i count yesterday as ov? it would have been cd 18. if so now what? this is the first month i have done opk but have been trying for 9 months and getting desperate (arent we all!) i dont know what i do after ov if indeed that was it? i imagine it was as i would take that to be the dark line then being the surge then going away again? omg im so condused?
  • I dont really think there is anything to do now other than wait. If you did ov yesterday (and looks like you did) then you are on your 2WW ;\)

    Lots of luck xxx
  • Superbroody,I'm the same as you I had almost the exact same line as your darkest one on Saturday and took it to be Ov as on Friday I had tested and had the same as your second last one. I was unsure if I was definitely Ov'ing so I tested again on Sunday and my line was barely there again...thus I am also!!I hope I did Ov though as OH and I have been BD'ing like rabbits!! image Sorry,kinda G/C'd but interested to see what the "professionals" say and to let you know you're not alone!


  • thanks babylove i dont know what i imagined it would look like (the opk i mean) but we bd on sun, mon and last night. do you think i should again tonight?
  • so glad you did g/c its so good to be able to share experiences as much as my hubby is super supportive and really getting anxious too i dont want to laden him with all the burden as i think it can be quite a turn off (last thing i want to do lol). I feel like im always asking questions and cant input much other than share my dissapointing experience. what cd were you when you ov ?
  • do i still need to bd tonight? im knackered lol
  • i will bd just in case ... this is so tiring lol!
  • I know exactly how you feel.My hubby's super supportive too but I think the strict "we have to BD today" thing isn't really turning him on and is putting him under pressure a little!!

    If I did Ov on Sat then that was CD21 (I have an approx. 35 day cycle so I Ov a bit later than normal!) I feel totally clueless when it comes to all this ttc stuff, although I did buy a CBFM for next cycle so I'm quite excited for that- but even more excited in case I don't need it!! image We've been trying for 8 months although we've probably only been super trying for 2 or 3 months.We've been doing the SMEP this month so I think I'm a little more hopeful than normal but I'm definitely still having my up and down days!!

    Hope we both get our BFPs soon!
  • good luck bubbas4us, hopefullu bfp's all round in 2 weeks x
  • you definatly need to bd tonight, we fell pg when we only bd night after my positive opk. i think they say best time is 12-36hours after positive opk.

    good luck
  • thanks siandonna i will drag my sorry ass upstairs soon and do my twinkly eyes lol x had you been trying long? and were u always using opk?
  • G/c from dia

    Its so exciting to read these stories i was just the same. I used to get so excited when i got a positive opk. Im keeping my fingers crossed for you now you have done it at the right time.
    Good luck honey ill keep popping in for updates x

    Leanne 36+6 x x
  • Hey guys it went well. I ovulated on cd 18 which was tuesday and we had bd on sun,
    Mon, tue and wed. So today I'm cd21 and 3 days past ov and I am a grumpy cow. I was
    Feeling so tired and irritable last night and just yuk so had toast and soup and in bed
    Early. I had a light discharge yesterday on my underware that I have never had before
    And I was feeling so hot inside but not hot to touch. This am I'm still irritable and hot and
    Bothered. Does anyone else get this around ov?

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