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I was recently told that my fixed term contract would be made perm as soon as my manager got sign off. But today was told sign off has already been waiting over a year and looks like its still gonna take ages.

My contact has 6 months left so to be sure i have a job in jan will need to look now in case this comes to nothing. Thing is if i move employer will need to wait to ttc so i can get mat pay. Gutted. On top of this i have endometriosis and the pill was protecting me from getting sick again. I'm scared any delay will bring it back.

Sometimes I feel like what's the point! I work really hard and it doesn't help. Feeling very blue and emotional today.

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  • o no, thats poo! maybe have a wors with someone and say u need something sorted as u need some security? hope it works out ok? im not really sure what endometrriosis is? im guessing ur not taking ur pill as ur ttc? so im a bit confuzzled? can they 100% confirm that u will be going perm? xxxx
  • no. They are waiting to get approval for someone in my team to move into a project role. Then they want me to apply for her role and advertise it for the shortest time poss so they can give it to me. They're very keen for me to stay but they have little say in whether the extra bod is needed now. Endo is a painful condition which progresses and can cause infertility if left to roam free. For me i have bad pain and have had 3 surgeries to get rid of it. Been told we need to get pg asap. In a way maybe this is a blessing in disguise if i find something closer to home. My commute to london is over 1hr30 each way.
  • ouch sounds painful! all the more reason to get a bfp, try not to stress about it tho sweetie. hour and a half? every day? omgosh thats alot of time! to be honest, if u did leave and started somewhere new 2moro even if u got pg strait away, u wouldnt get smp, but u would be entitled to maturnity allowance, which is about ??100 a week, so u should be fine if u do leave. look it up online just to be sure, but i left jobs and changed to another and i was worried about the same thing, xxxxx
  • Hi

    I can't afford to live on the maternity allowance - I need at least stat maternity pay so I can get the 90% of wages for the first few weeks.

    Some employers also offer a bit more than this which would be nice but I think there is usually a length of service condition for the extra bit.

    You're right and I should stop worrying but I don't want to find myself out of work. As long as I find something else it will be ok. But I might have to take a drop in salary if I go out of the city.
    Would be worth it though to be around for my little one (if we ever conceive!) lol
  • ahhh i see. bugger! i think ur best option is to stay where u r and hope for the best? image or move on, but maybe wait a bit? o no! even im confused? i hope u get it sorted, sounds like a bit of a cerfuffle, what does hubs think about it all? x
  • Lol - I hope I haven't made your brain hurt! image

    Hubby is a bit non-committal as ever - he just looks a bit worried and doesn't know what is best.

    I think I will look around a little and go for anything that looks better than where I am now. At least that way I get an idea of what is out there and can always stay if it goes ahead.

    I was just hoping to avoid looking again and also this sort of means we can't actively ttc, perhaps we will just not be careful. Maybe thats a more relaxed and positive approach anyway?
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