What's worse??

AF pitching up or BFN??

I'm in a bit of a dilema - I don't know whether to test a day (or few) early and risk getting a BFN, or waiting to see if AF shows.

What do you think??


Dear god, how negative is this post!!!!! My PMA is all but gone :cry:


  • I generally have no PMA anyway towards the end of my 2ww so I test and make out to OH that I'm ok with BFN but secretly still hope it could be my month then usually cry when AF shows up :lol:

    Hmmmm... Do you have any symptoms/feelings that this is your month or are you just impatient, like me :lol: x
  • Aw broodybeth you have just described my day today lol.

    Its a tough call to make, unfortunately I get impatient i.the 1ww and end up testing a day or so early..have y had any symptoms?? xx
  • I would try and wait if you can. I am due to test tomorrow at 14DPO but am trying to hold off for a few more days as i would prefer AF to show rather than a BFN. Really, really hoping it's a BFP this month for us though so want that 2nd line to be strong to make sure there is no confusion! Good luck. x
  • Hi Allzo, I like to hold out as to me getting BFN and then AF seems like a double dose of heartache.
    Bryony so sad to read that you're out this month, hope you get your BFP this time.
    NIKKINOOS you know you're pregnant, how you're holding out before you POAS I don't know! See you in July! x
  • Thank you for the replies.

    I don't know if I'm imagining symptoms - 2 months ago I had hundreds of symptoms and a BFN! Don't know if it's just my body playing tricks on me! On Mon and Tues I had really itchy boobs and I've felt nauseous at times but as I said, this happened 2 months ago.

    My cycles are anywhere between 24 and 29 days long, so the earliest I could test would be Monday but might just wait and see if AF shows up. If she doesn't make an appearance and I can wait that long, I'll test the following Monday.

    Hope we all get our BFP really soon!!!

  • DON'T test ladies!!!

    I waited until AF was 2 days late to test, and getting that strong line was amazing!!
    Besides, if you get a faint line then you'll spend the next few days worrying about a chemical pregnancy!

  • I agree with **Broody**. Last month I tested early cos I was cinvinced it was my month. Got a few BFN and then AF was 2 days late which it never is. Really broke my heart. This month I've decided not to test unless I'm 3 days late. Easy to say though when I'm convinced I'm out anyway. Good luck ladies. x
  • Well said Broody!!!

    I'll try my very, very best to wait!

  • Hiya,

    I tested 3 days before AF was due due and got BFN. I then tested at 1 day late and got my BFP, so I'd try and wait if you can.

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