OV pains

Where do you get them?? I mean I know you have them in your ovaries but can you get them anywhere else like around your belly button??



  • Hmm not sure, don't think i've ever had them. Unless it feels like wind, had that lol

    not much help I know, i'm sure someone can shed more light!
  • My ovulation pains have always felt very specifically where you would expect your ovaries to be. If that makes sense? Definitely a more defined area than period pains, which I sometimes get in my thighs and back. HTH
  • Thank you i have been getting a dull pain on my left hand side it feels kind of heavy but as I have been on the pill I have never noticed ov pain so just trying to work out my body xxxxx
  • I never got any pain except af pain, when on the pill. Now it is continuous and seems to move about!

    Have had the ov pain on right side, just down from hip bone. Sharp pain now again somewhere close to belly button, sometimes elsewhaere in abdo. Dull ache very low in abdomen. Also feeling like my jeans are too tight and when lean forwards, tummy feels really squashed. So that must be bloating.

    Way too early to test...but already impatient!! xx


  • I am going to be rubbish in my 2ww I know me I will be testing every other day LOL

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