Think I need a slap- s.s, grr!!

Last month my cycle was 27 days long, previous to this had been 29 days, this evening, had pinky discharge in my underwear (sorry tmi) , I have NEVER had this. This week have had some lower abdominal cramping, normally AF type pains are all lower back, what do u think ladies?? Could it mean something or do I need a slap with a cold fish?!


sorry meant to say I'm CD26 .


  • Morning hun, if I were you I would try and wait a week before testing - but good luck image XXX
  • slap! lol. i would be hopeful too tho, sounds very promising, you dont need a slap with a wet fish lao, but i fancied it anyways! hehe. does sound v good tho, fongers crossed! good luck and keep us posted xxxx
  • Thank you! I'm just so impatient, I will try and hold out POAS for as long as possible!! Ha ha may still need that slap mrs me!

  • Definately sounds good hun....keep us posted xxxx
  • Bleugh, the witch got me last night. Gutted, thought this was the month...sure I will say that again next month, lol!

    Oh well, onto the next month, thanks for your comments. Xxxx
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