bleeding before af due

Hi girls.

Have started bleeding this morning which would be day 26 of my cycle. Dont normally get af until around 32 days. Never ever been even close to this early. Am now wondering whether i might be having a miscarriage or whether it could be related to being pregnant as i bled with my first but not until 8 weeks, ( I would be about 3 weeks and 5 or 6 days now). Periods are not irregular so cant see it being that?

Anyone had similar?


  • i had that on the 2nd of this month. i started bleeding about 6 days early. i am really confussed also. i have never had any children so i have no idea. it's nice to know i am not the only one having this happen
  • I would be inclined to say that it's a bit early to say you've had a miscarriage, but it could well be implantation bleeding.

    If it's not then it might just be that you're a few days early, our bodies don't always do what we expect!

    I hope it's some implantation bleeding and that you get your BFP soon xx
  • thanks for the advice- will let you know!!!
  • thanks for the advice- will let you know!!!
  • When did u get your positive test?? It could be implantation bleed
    Hope all is well
    gems x
  • Hey Im having a similar issue, came off the pill last month had withdrawal bleed, then on Tue (cd21) had a tiny but of colour on loo roll, then yest aft a little blood just once, and this aft again a little bit of brown (sorry if TMI!). Hmmm dont know what to think, Secretly hoping its implantation but I darednt think it out loud! Baby dust to you all!!
  • thats the prob not had a positive yet. Will test next week when af should have been due. Still bleeding today although still not bad!
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