Being Referred!

I have been trying for 16 months now and still no luck! I have had hormone blood tests which came back ok, and partner had sperm tests which was also ok. Now got appointment at the doctors tommorow to be referred to the hospital. I jusr wanted to know from people who are going through the same thing or have been through it as i don't know what sorts of tests they do now, i know the doctor will tell me tommorow but just wana chat to others about their experiences. I also have PCOS but don't think that is affecting anything as hormones came back fine.

Just came back from Turkey so maybe a holiday might have done it as was perfect time when i was away!!!! Have to wait and see.

If anyone wana chat via email to heres my email

[email protected]

Be nice to chat toothers in same or similar situation.xx


  • Hi bell

    I had my first hospital appointment last week as we have been ttc for 15months, doctor was fab went through everything cycle lengths etc she gave us the option of a lap and dye or xray and dye. Optted for the lap and dye as they can tell much more from this so booked in for 31 july. If they find something wrong next step is ivf. If everything looks ok then its on to fertility drugs ie clomid and if after 6months with no luck its iui. Scarey eh? But im so pleased everything is finally moving. Hope this has helped and i havent ranted on too much. If youve any questions feel free to ask away.

    jen xx
  • I am afraid I can't offer any personal experience but didnt want to read and run!

    Hope you get a nice suprise from your holiday in Turkey but if not i hope you can get somewhere with the docs and get ya bfp asap.

    Good luck and baby dust xx

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  • Hi Bell,
    I haven't being trying as long as you only 9 months but have only had one af in that period so doc has finally referred me to see gynea at hospital and my appointment is on Thurs. Doc just said that he'd put me on pills but don't know if they'll do any tests before that or not. Had to lot of blood tests which show i'm not ov. I'll keep you posted on what they say. How did you get on at docs today?
  • Hello everyone, thanx for all your replies. I had my doctors appoitment and he has referred me to the hospital, he said that they will go through my hormone blood test results and my partner semen results and the do a xray and dye to check my tubes and go from there. Maybe take fertility drugs but doc said don't like to do this as may cause multiple births and with it being my first time. Hoping that trip to Turkey will have done it. On day 22 so fingers crossed!!!

    My brother has had trouble with his wife for years, she finally became pregnant after 4 odd years then she misscarried and had IVF and has found out she is having twins which is great> Bit hard for me though as he doesn't know i've also being trying to, only told my parents and couple of close friends. Not sure how long the wait is for appointments but should hear within 3 weeks, keep you all posted and goodluck jen24 for your appointment, love to hear how it goes.

  • Thanks bell i got my fingers crossed for you too. xxx
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