got my hopes up!

Isnt it rubbish when you really feel this is your month!!!!

I was quietly convinced that this was our month, sore breasts, cramps but felt different to normal period pains, then when my af didnt show yesterday - its never late - I was so pleased. Still nothing today so i have just done a pregnancy test and got a BFN. Had a little sob more disappointed that I convinced myself this was the month!!!!

I know this is just a moan but wanted to get it out!


  • Sorry about your BFN-I've had 4 this wk!

    It's so depressing when you think maybe, just maybe, it's our turn this month. AF should have come this am according to day of peak on CBFM but have had some pink spotting so know I'm out (after 4 BFNs!)

    I tell you, I've spent a fortune on pg and ov tests the last 2 years-what a waste!

    Hope your BFP is just a bit shy x

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  • there still could be a chance hun. maybe too early to test my first pregnancy i got bfn almost 1 and half weeks after af due....test again in morning? xx

  • that made me smile that my BFP might just be shy!! thankyou just what I needed! and that is positive that you didnt get your BFP until over a week after!! xx
  • Don't get down yet. It's not over until AF shows her face

    Keeping my fingers crossed for a shy bean
  • Hope its a shy bean hun and AF doesn't show x
  • same thing happened to me last month. it sucks.But like everyone else has said..... it's not over this month yet. Good luck. x
  • Ditto to what Torp has just said! I felt like that our first month ttc, it's rubbish the way our bodies play tricks on us!

  • It is rubbish not our first month trying though and the other months I didnt feel like I was but this month was different.

    rubbish!! Well still not here though so we'll see how it goes, praying its like tiannastar and the negative was wrong!!!
    Thanks for your postive thoughts!!! xxx
  • Hey all

    still nothing but bad period pains!!! whats going on?!?!

    when would you guys suggest I test again?? the last time was Sat night and negative.

  • Hi pet, if you can stand the suspense I would wait til Wed am before testing again - easier said than done like, it's probably all you can think about!!

    Good luck, hope it's just a shy one!! xxx
  • I would agree with MrsRobertson, though no harm done if you just can't wait image

    Good luck hun!! xx
  • I would also wait as long as you can too, but when you do end up doing another test try and do it first thing in the morning - the first time you go to the toilet as soon as you get up. The hormone levels are meant to be stronger then, so if you do have a shy bean it might be more likely to show then!!

    Lots of people also say they get AF like pains and end up getting a BFP so that isn't necessarily a bad thing!!!Good luck and keep us updated.x.
  • thankyou ladies!! your all so nice!

    I dont know how long Im going to be able to wait!!

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