Hi all and EPO Q!

I'm back again, not that I've been anyway but as I'm waiting for af then not a great deal to post about. Anyway as I'm on cd ?? 90 ish I guess then I did start the progesterone tablets to bring on af as af didn't come by itself as I'd hoped. I had the last tablet yesterday and have started to get major cramps today and feel a bit sick too so hopefully I'll start asap.

Bored of it all now and not BD'ing much either, I'm not even looking forward to being on the next cycle as I'm just worried that it's going to be so long again. And there I was gutted that my last one was 39 days...................

Anyway I'm going to get taking a.c and epo when af shows up but had a query. Do they start taking effect on the first month or is a build up of a couple of mths that shows changes? Do you continue to take a.c until BFP or stop when cycle is better? Or does cycle mess up again when you stop taking it?

Lilac, moomin and all the others waiting for af then hope it reaches you soon. If this works for me then I'll let you know and you should then push your doc for progesterone tablets too xxx


  • This was my 1st month on epo.. strangely enough i usually have no problem with the quantity of cm only the quality that my dr said is too acidic thus the use of epo, yet this month i didnt see any cm at all and was taking 3000mg. Well i have stopped now since it's dpo but if no bfp i'll be using it again next cycle coz it is said that its suppose to build up to the 3rd month before you see a difference.. (though others report seeing a difference with just the 1st month, guess it differs per individual).
    However almost everybody who has used it has got only good things to say about it.
    Hope it works for you too.
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