weird hpt result - what is this?

No Af yet, but I've been feeling really unwell this morning. Well I've read that constipation is a symptom of pg, well belive me totally opposite for me, I've been on the loo this mornig non-stop (sorry way TMI)

Anyway all of that made me test with SD test I've been saving.
In the test result there is really really faint pink line, but horizontal as oppose to vertical as it should be, it appeared straight away and it has stayed there.

I thought it might be evap line but thought they come up later. Colour is def light pink.
I've got one more test but don't want to waste it..

Anyone else had this?


  • G/Cing but I got this on some of my tests. If it is definitely supposed to be vertical then I think what happens is the dye spreads across the whole window, rather than sticking to the reagant which is the vertical line it's supposed to be on.

    I had them with SD tests in particular but they weren't postives, although they were usually gone after a couple of hours. Does it look more like a streak rather than a straight line? Evaporation lines tend to happen where the proper BFP line should be. Maybe give it a couple of days and test again? How many dpo are you? x
  • Hi beccaroo, thanks for your swift reply I see what you mean about dye spreading, it is def sraight line but just noticed there is even fainter line directly underneath that one.. I realise it is not a result but was confused as I've never had that before..
    And thought maybe test was faulty or something..

    I am losing my hope now as am around 14DPO, and I am sure if I wa pg I'd know by now.
    I shall try again in few days if AF doesn't show..
    Thnks again
    R xx

  • hello! i get this with all my SD tests, i get the line as the urine passes through the box and then it slowly fades. its usually gone after about 10 mins. sorry you got a negative image
  • dont loose hope yet!!!

    iv been speaking to some girls in the pregnancy forum and some of them had negatives after AF was due and didnt test postive till a week later!!

    im hoping thats whats happening with me image

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