Don't spend your money on home insurance it ain't worth it!

I just had the most bizarre telephone call with our insurance company and they won't accept our claim for our massive leak!!!

I've just been sat sobbing down the phone to hubby because I just don't understand what's happened and why they won't help us!

Basically we've got a massive leak in our spare bedroom that is coming from the outside, masses and masses of rainwater is getting in. There is clearly something wrong with the building to allow the rain to come in. It has caused quite a lot of damage to the walls and paintwork around the area inside the room.

They're classing it as general wear and tear - in a house that is barely 3 years old!!!

Honestly, I am just so gobsmacked and confused - did I say something wrong which means they won't help us? I don't know! They're not even sending anyone out to determine the problem - based on what I've said - we're not covered!!!

This is why I can't cope without my husband!!! And why I say what is the point in spending money on insurance when its worthless!!!

Spend it on more PGTs I say!!!!!!!

Aaarrrrghhhhhhhhhhh!!! and lots of tears too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • That sounds rubbish. Have you taken any photographs of the damage yet so if you /your hubby decide to pursue this you have evidence of the damage caused. When is Mr Joo back??

    My dh went away to sea a few years ago and I decided to take the swedish sauna style wood off our bathroom walls (inherited not our choice, lol). Underneath was a load of cork tiles on top of ceramic tiles that all feel off due to very damp walls. There were centipedes all over it and I soooo wished i'd left it all alone!!! I'm rubbish about house stuff without dh so I totally sympathise.

    Hope the miserable, monry grabbing B******s change their minds. Keep hassling them.

    Take care
  • Thanks girls...

    SB - I definitely didn't expect them to pay out in the first instance, but the least I expected was for them to arrange for someone to come and check out the damage / what caused it. I am just gobsmacked that what I said has made them reach the decision we can't claim. I told him what damage has been caused, what I think has happened etc. etc. I'm just in total shock.

    The problem is that I am such a big worrier and now I am freaking out that they definitely WON'T allow us to claim and we will have to arrange repairing it and paying for it ourselves - money we just don't have. I am sure hubby will sort it out (he's back tomorrow night) but right now I am just stressing bigtime!!! Can't help it!!! Not good for Henry making!!!

  • hi honey
    i work for a housing developer, did you get any sort of cover like HSBC or Zurich Building Guaruntee??
    its does sound like the initial build wasn't upto standard!
    if your not sure check with the solicitor that dealt with the purchase they will be able to tell you.
    if you do have cover they will be able to come out and inspect the fault and perhaps get the original builder into fix it or arrange for repair work to be done!!

    hope you get it sorted soon honey!
  • Hi danipink - we've got the 10yr NHSBC or something like that gaurantee... leaving it to hubby now, I can't cope!!!

    Thanks very much for everyone's nice words!
  • danipink is right, almost all new houses come with a ten year NHBC warranty that covers you for stuff like this. Even if the builder has susequently gone bust (happened to us!) the NHBC will pay out. Do you know which developer built the house? If you do I would contact them directly and ask them to send someone asap to sort the problem out. If you are not sure it might be worth asking your neighbours if the houses were built at the same time. If you need the contact details for the NHBC let me know as we have only just moved into a new house so I know exactly where they are!
  • hi there I used to be an estate agent ( yeah I know!) but if you are still coveredunder the guarantee u should be ok, but it will get sorted Hun.
    Years & years ago my mum & dad took on a massive homes contractor as our house was leaking! They sued them & got the entire money back!!!! Thus was over 20 years ago, but telling you the story to key u know anything is possible especially with shoddy work!!!! Good luck Joo!!! HAVE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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