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doctors piss me off!!!!!

Hi Girls

Really sorry to come on here in such a foul mood but oh is at work so only got you guys to talk to.

I have been to the doctors tonight (as I was told too a few weeks ago by last doctor I saw) Anyone who has read my previous posts will know that I have been ttc for 8 months now but since coming off the pill my periods are soooo irregular it is untrue (101 days, 49 days & 59 days so far) So last month went to doctors, they did blood test which was inconclusive and told me that after 8 month ttc (NOW!!!!) i could be referred to a specialist to check ovulation, and run other tests (Not sure what other tests) the doctor did warn me that I would probably not get to see anyone till about Dec/Jan time though which I accepted. So today I went back, expecting to be referred or some kind of positive. I couldn't see the doctor I saw originally as he no longer does evening appointments ( I work full time) the doctor I have seen tonight has told me there is NO WAY i can be referred after so little time ttc. He has said that my hubby HAS to go for a sperm count test and everything before I can even think about being referred. I accept that hubby may have issues of his own (neither of us have kids) but if for arguments sake my hubby had a low sperm count, that does not stop me having periods!!! which is the reason I wanted help from my GP. I couldn't seem to get that point accross to my GP and when I left his surgery, I burst into tears because I was so frustrated.

Sorry to have gone on at you but please if anyone has any Idea what I can do next, I feel like I'm at my wits end and just don't know what to do, feels like every time I start to get somewhere, a brick wall goes up in front of me.

Sorry again

Den xx:x:cry:


  • Hi honey you could always kill your dr! sorry hun it does sound like the dr you see was totally useless is there any chance of you seeing the one you see originally? i am going to start ttc again from next month but i when i was ttc before my cycle went totally up the wall and when i went to see my gp about it she said i should try and enjoy it more and relax!!!!!!! like that was going to sort my periods out. im sorry im no help the only thing i can think of is to try and see your original dr remember we are all here for you love leighxxx
  • Thanks Leigh,

    I could go to a morning surgery but earliest I can go is September 11th!!! Not that long I know but it feels like an eternity. Wish I was a GP, they seem to work so few hours these days!!!!

    It's nice to know I have you guys. xx
  • i agree with Leigh. Kill the doc. my docs solution to everything is bloody paracetamol. I swear i could go in with my arm hanging off and he would tell me to take paracetamol. Hang in there hun xxx:\)
  • Hi den sorry you've been treated so badly. must be awful not knowing whats wrong and having to wait so long. Were your periods irregular before taking the pill? if they weren't maybe your body is still adjusting to coming off it. How about taking your temp?(although in my experience this month its not worked that brilliantly for me but i don't think i was doing it right!). I suppose the ov sticks wouldn't work as your cycles are so long and you'd end up spending a fortune. Sorry not much help but you can come on here anytime and have a rant don't be sorry. even ttc and knowing everything works can be stressful so must be even worse not knowing if anything is wrong and worse still that the dr is reluctant to help you. let us know how you get on if you go on 11th xx
  • Hi Jo

    Everything seemed OK before the bill but I was only 14/15 at the time so things would possibly not be established. I just felt like doctor was fobbing me off, like he didn't care, might ring tomorrow to see what else they have to say and when I can see original doctor. Bet appt on 11th will be taken now!!! Grrr!!!

    Thanks to all of you who have read my post or written a reply.

    Den xx
  • Hi Den,

    Really sorry you have had such a crap time at the docs - they really don't understand how much their answers/treatment affect people. It is also not giving me much hope of getting anything sorted anytime soon.

    Me and my husband have been together 11 years and married for nearly 3. I came off the pill in April after being on it for 10 years and haven't had a single period yet!! I also went to the doc like you and they just told me to relax (as if!!!) and to come back in 6 months time. What i am worried about is if i go back and like you, see a different doctor, are they then going to say wait another 6 months.

    I really didn't think it would take this long. Do you know what tests they can do? I haven't got a clue what i should be asking for?

    J x :\?
  • hi den i am so sorry they treated you like that i am under the gyno at the moment and what your dr said about oh having tests before you is a load of crap they do the tests all at once and then fetch you back together so he has mis informed you i would go back and see an other dr hun to be on safe side keep us informed sammy xxxxxxxxx
  • Hi Guys

    Thanks for all your help, advice and kind words.

    Just to let you know I am going to the doctors tonight to see the original GP, have to travel to a sister surgery accross town but will hopefully be worth it.

    Will keep you posted

    Thanks again

    Den xx
  • Hi guys,

    Well been to see the doctor I saw originally. Feel a bit better but still not 100%. I have not been referred, the GP has increased my dose of thyroxine in a hope to kick start my ovaries and basically told me to chill out about getting pregnant which I have tried to do but as I am sure you all know, that is very hard to do!!!

    I have to go back in 4 weeks and have my blood test done and have a chat with him then.

    I think I may have to stop coming on this site but I would miss all the chat and advice but I really should try to chill out. It has only been 8 months for me some people try for 18 months to no avail!!!

    Don't know what to do for the best.

    Thanks to you all anyway for your help and advice.

    Den xx;\)
  • Hi Den I personally agree with Julie - we pay our taxes and therefore have the right to receive medical attention when we need it. Keep pushing until you get the attention and treatment that you are entitled to and don't take no for an answer.
  • Hi All

    Julie's you mind me asking what treatment you had for high thyroid autoantibodies? I have tested positive for thyroid antibodies and recently had a missed miscarriage. We are ttc.

    sian xx
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