ttc and eating

this is an odd one for you, i have been following paul mckenna for years and and now im worried that i cant follow it whilst ttc or pregnant.
its not a diet its just eating only when hungry and stopping when full,so i asume its ok whilst ttc or pregnant as over eating isnt advised anyway. any thoughts?
obviously ttc and health of baby most important,but i dont want to put on weight in excess to what i should be.


  • i think i already no answer to this now, did some surfing on net. its advised to follow own intuition on eating,and eat when hungry,so i can carry on as normal.which is great as i no i will only gain what im suppse to and not have gained excess weight which will make it easier to loose! just the way the body was designed.
  • Shouoldn't think it matters, as long as you are eating healthily. You're supposed to eat little and often anyway. xx
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