can anyone help me please........ pain

I have been suffering, with pain since ov, sickness, dizzyness, tiredness, etc....

that has all but gone now, but tuesday, I started having bright red blood, nothing like my AF, as I dont really need anything to protect me ... I also had AF pains, but now I have lower stomach pains, top of legs, even my bottom.. I cant sleep with the pain, although I can cope with it, if that makes sense
I did think my AF was due on Sunday, or possibly a couple of days before, as I think I ov early...

can anyone help me please




  • Hi shelleyanne, could poss be implantation? Or maybe its your hormones getting back to normal if you've been on piill. Hope you start feeling
  • Sorry, just realised I'd spelt your name wrong! Using my phone! Xxx
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