when to test for ov?


i came off pill on 30 nov and not had af since withdrawal bleed.
i am taking agnus castus to bring af on, but no luck so far.

just wondered if its worth testing to see if i am ovulating? i dont want to waste my sticks (i have 10 at the mo) so wondered if there is an ideal 'time' to test, or if i can 'tell' when i'm ov?

i am having cramps everyday at the moment, so cramping cant be a sign!



  • have u tested for preg? i never had another period just got preg straight away? x
  • yeah, tested 3 times now - last test this morning....BFN image
  • ah ok... what tests are u using, i found i got a neg with clear blue digital but i had a pos with first responce, thats the best 1 2 use x
  • i have used superdrug 'early' ones. i heard they were good.
    there's not even an inkling of a line though - v confused!!
    i have a lot of symptoms, but think its just my body re-adjusting to not being on pill x
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