drinking whilst ttc

just wondering what everyone is doing regarding drinking while ttc?

many thanks



  • Hi foofan,

    I have cut my alcohol intake but atill enjoy a glass or two of wine when I go out! The way I see it, is when we get our BFP we have at least 9 months or cutting a lot of things out that we enjoy!
  • I'm a pro drinker all the time image after months of ttc it's the only way to get through it! Am planning on cutting back though in the next few weeks as I'm dieting! image
  • i drink in moderation but not in the 2ww, you have 9 months of no alcohol when pregnant and prob longer after that with a LO X
  • I'm also pro drinking in moderation at all times of ttc! Ive been trying for over s year & have stopped altogether & cut down & it made no difference, & it could take another year & more for all I know so you can't put your life on hold!

    However it's totally personal I think! It depends how strongly you feel about it!
  • i was drinking every night when i got pregnant first time round!! maybe i should crack open a bottle?! image
  • we have been trying a year now and to start with I did everything by the book and would not drink, eat eggs that weren't hard boiled or pate or anything in the 2ww. Now I refuse to miss out on a drink if I fancy one (in moderation!) cos who knows how long this ttc could last? The last 2 cycles I have had a couple of vinos in the 2ww.
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