12 dpo bfn - still in with a chance?

Has anyone ever had bfn 12 dpo (tescos tests) then gone on to get bfp?
I have just felt pregnant this month but bfn and very disappointed (should never test early!)
having said that, now feel like af is on her way as really crampy and tender and bloated and general heaviness.

So fed up of ttc :\(

Thanks girls x


  • Ahh samsa, reaaly hope it's a BFP for you. I know some people don't get a positive until after AF due, there's still a chance!
  • thanks wispa, i really doubt it now but you never know. I have awful cramps, like what i would expect once af is here x
  • there is always a chance, i got a BFN today too at 11DPO :\(
  • oh no piggypops, thought i saw a post saying you had a bfp? x
  • i had 3 days of faint ones then since 2 negatives
  • so sorry to hear that piggypops, it would have been great for you to get your bfp so quickly after it took you so long last time.

    Well i really hopw we rae still not out and this has reminded me why i am against early testing - if i get early bfns it adds even more confusion into the situation! I am just so fed up with it all. How did you stay sane the last time? x
  • i have no idea, my first cycle was 9 weeks long but luckily i had my wedding coming up at that time and AF reared her ugly head on honeymoon! typical, after that i had rougly 5/6 week cycles, i worked a lot of overtime before ov and prob spent more time than i should of on here on the 2ww :lol: i just seemed to carry on x
  • well it all worked out well for you in the end! And hopefully this time round will be easier for you. Good luck for next few days and really hope it turns out to be a bfp xx
  • i hope so too and for you, it would be a lovely bunch to move over to due in april with if they ever get it up!
  • thank you so much for your reply, not holding much hope but i guess you never know! I have heard superdrug are the best.
    Oh and congrats on your bfp - hope you have a h and h 9 months xx
  • I was due AF on a Thus but could not wait and tested on the Wednesday and got BFN(with a Tesco test) then what I thought was my AF came on the Thus but only lasted a day so I took another test on the Sunday and was BFP and I took another 3 tests(another tesco and two cheapy midstream) then on the Tuesday a CBD(that said 1-2 weeks) but I sadly M/C at 6 weeks and I am trying again.

    I was due on yesterday and no sign of AF but it is my first month after M/C so who knows when AF might show and I am not getting my hopes up on getting a BFP(would be nice though image )

    Gem xx
  • Thank yuo so much for the replies. that has cheered me up a little although i went out and bought 2 packs of ibuprofen and 2 packs of maxi pads today just in case. Have been having strong, painful af type cramps today so either af or implatation i guess. Fingers crossed for a bfp on thurs or at least no af! Good luck Gems and sorry to hear about your mc xxx
  • Keep testing hun, she's not here yet so you def. have a chance!

  • Samsa I really hope your cramping is a BFP and not the horrible AF. I had cramps until 16 weeks when I was pregnant with my ds so I'm keeping everything crossed for you x
  • Hi Samsa,
    I am in the exact same boat, i'm 12dpo, and was really hoping for a bfp, but tested on 11 &12dpo and got bfn..Boohoo!! I'v kinda given up & just waiting for AF to arrive, just wish it would hurry up, hate all this waiting aroundimage

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