If im not preggers then im definalty ill!

Hey Everyone!

Like the title says if im not pregnant then im definatly not well, Ive got crampy pains which ive had since last wednesday on and off, yesterday I felt sick or hungry couldnt quite tell but it lasted all day, today ive got the same! Af not due till sat, i so wanna test early, maybe i will buy a first response kit after all.......

Anyone else waiting to test/got symptoms that are driving them mad? xx


  • Mine are driving me mad - but I am 8 days late!!

    How long have you beeen trying? were you on pill? If you can hold out until saturday please do as you will stand more chance of getting a BFP! I know it is really hard tho! I don't want you to test early nad be disappointed xx
  • oooh good luck hun! hold out as long as you can, like immense says, to avoid any disappointment.
    fingers crossed for you! lots of pma! xx
  • Thank you! Been trying about 2 months! Yea was on microgynon 30 before for about 6 years, but my periods have returned to normal back to a 29 day cycle which was a relief as thought they may not come back for ages! Yea i wanna hold out so much but wanna know also! Trying to be strong but think i may give in! image xx
  • Have you had 2 AF's or just one? Only asking as I am on mth2 and 1st AF was 40 days and I am now on day 48 and don't know what is going on!!
  • Ive had 2, they went back to how they were before the pill, only a little shorter cycle used to be 30 days now only 29 but thats ok, what pill were u on? Sometimes it takes a while were u reg before? xx
  • Ooooh, those symptons sound very exciting! Exactly what I said before I got my BFP with my first lo! Sicky/hungry feeling is normally a good indication that something is happening.
    Only prob as other girls say may be too early to see a BFP on test. Maybe hold out for a couple more days?!
    Fingers crossed
  • Im trying so much, even resisted buying a FR Kit from boots when i had one in my hand! My OH said get it! But i resisted! The good thing is that it was ??8 for one so that put me off as have 25 normal tests at home! haha! Yea feel different this month, crampy pains and cant tell weather im hungry or feel sick, im not off my food in fact food makes it feel better for a while its worse in the mid afternoon. Also (tmi) cm is very much there if you know what i mean! image Cant wait to see! x
  • Yeah Im goin crazy cant stop thinkin about every little twinge I get down there. I have twingy sharpish pains every so often unlike any Ive ha before and Im not due on till 7 days time - arrgh so frustrated. Ive been ttc for over a yr now so I sooo hope this is the time.

    Im sure my hubby doesnt believe me cos every month I find somethin that makes me think it might be the month of the BFP!! Poor guy - he must get really confused with me goin on about it all the time!!

    Good luck guys and hold on as long as poss, more chance of getting the right result!!
  • oooh your testing a day after me hopefully were both get positives!! Yea me too my OH said hes not listening and is waiting for sat when we can be sure! Haha! This is the first time ive felt like this crampy pains, sickness etc. I normaly watch what i eat and only eat small amounts but lately been eating in between to stop this hunger/sickness thing if im not preggers will have to get checked out anyway!
  • good luck girls! sounds like everyone is in the same boat. Why is it so hard????!! And I am so impatient, the fact that these are tests are soo expensive is a plus point. Otherwise I would be doing one everyweek. Been trying for 6 months now. Hormones & Emotions are all over the place, especially after coming off the pill. Anyone else in the same boat??
  • clarkie - i was on femodene, but have been on 3 different pills over last 10 years (since I was 18) including microgynon. Before that I wasn't regular hence why I went on pill. That is my concern that they go back that way. Although the docs said it was unlikely as I was still young at 18, and the pill will have made my body use to being more regular! Who know though?!
  • Yea when i spoke to the dr about coming of the pill he said it could take 6 months to settle so early days yet! Keeping my fingers crossed for you!
    Some of my friends used angus catus and had good results, i said id use it if i wasn't regular at 3 months xx
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