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I am sooo fed and up down today and it's all to do with money!! My hubby and i rent and love the house that we are renting it is sooo much better than the tiny little flat we were in. We got ourselves into right debt over out wedding and hubby already had a cc card that was sky high. We are paying off the min every month which is getting us nowhere and I am just not sure what to do anymore.

k xx


  • i agree with paula i had money on a credit card which never seemed to get lower so i transferred it to the virgin credit card which has 0% interest on transfers only for 15months and then pay a fixed amount each month. then if its not all paid off (fingers crossed mine should be) byt the end of the 15month transfer it again to a 0% card.

    The trick is never to spend on the new card thou as interest will be applied to that and any monry u pay off will be reduced off the lower % interest one 1st.

    Good luck.
  • Thanks girls image I have just emailed my hubby and wll be looking in to this this evening.

    It's because hubby had a cc that had like 6 grand on it which was all his own spending. Then we had to put the homeymoon on a cc so that was 5 k and we did get money from the wedding but we moved out at the same time which we had to do as they wanted to flat back and so he had to pay out for a freezer as the new house never had one and also the depost and a months rent and so on and so that went back in the cc and then i snet about 4k for the wedding in total with adding bits for the dresses and so on and the cake and this and that it all just added up and now here we are paying off the min each month and we have that sinking feeling.

    Thanks for understanding girlsimage

    K xxxx
  • Its easy to lose track of just how much its mounting up. I sympathise with you totally, money worries are horribly depressing. I think the suggestions about the 0% transfers are good, as is the consolidation idea. Also, have you thought about contacting a debt councelor for a chat? They might have some other routes you could try too. Good luck x

  • Oh bless... i think it's getting to us all - i spent half of last night worrying about money as hubby says we need to cut back. With everything else - fuel and food etc you need to try and make savings everywhere. I think the 0% balance on a credit card would be the best option for you. I'm going to look into one for me. Just remember to put a note somewhere reminding you when to change!
    Good luck and it's not always as bad as it seems xx
  • honey me and oh were in exactly the same situ, we had ??3000 on one loan ??2000 on another loan, ??700 on an overdraft and ??2600 on credit card!!! so we were paying the minimum payment on each thing and that just wasn't covering the interest, our bank wouldn't give us a bank loan for the whole amount so we were absolutley screwed!!!! i had an account that i hadnt used for ages so applied for a loan with that bank and they gave it to us, this was in feb, now we are even able to save some money every month!!! I was so down about it honey and this was part of the reason we are only now trying for a lo cos we just couldnt afford it b4. soooooooooooo seek some help babe, go to your bank together, sit down with them explain the predicament and see what they say, i nearly gave up all hope of getting out the red and we have now got a managable amount going out each month xxxxxxxxx

  • You poor thing. You can go to Citizens Advise as well they will help you sort your finances before it is too late. It might be worth while speaking to the cc company. They are meant to help x
  • try this website too...

    There's loads of different ideas for how to save money and get urself out of debt from changing credit cards to getting the cheapest insuranse and morgages!

    We all get in trouble at some point honey but don't get down theres always light t the end of the tunnel!
  • Ahhh wow you girls are soooo sweet thank you so much image I really needed to hear all of this. I just came back from lunch with hubby I had such a nice time and we seemed to talk about the whole money thing as well.

    I am going to look into the o% and also cute back on a few other things. He wants to get a second job but i do not think that will help. I think maybe selling some of our stuff as we have sooooo much we don;t even use or need and we could make some money there.

    I feel sooo much better about it already and it's really cheered me up. Thank you image

    Thanks for that link as well I will having a little look on thereimage

    K xxx
  • Oh K the selling stuff is such a good plan i sold all my OH's computer games!! and 2 massive bundles of DVDs that we never watched i made like ??500 - ??600 it was gr8!!!! sell em on EBAY!!! xxx

  • Oh K the selling stuff is such a good plan i sold all my OH's computer games!! and 2 massive bundles of DVDs that we never watched i made like ??500 - ??600 it was gr8!!!! sell em on EBAY!!! xxx

  • oh wow thats great image thats the thing hubby is worried as I have a brand new X box 360 from chirstmas I NEVER EVER play we have a Wii image and also a play station 2 which is new as well hardly used, but he is worried we wont get the money back for it?

    k xx
  • You might not get as much back, but if you don't play it it's just like having a pile of cash sitting in the corner getting smaller and smaller. Selling clothes on Ebay can be very lucrative too.
    We're massively economising at the moment and managed to do a weekly shop at Morrisons for ??39 on saturday, just by planning ahead and sticking to a list. It's hard when you're worried about money, but you'll get through it.
  • well i sold an xbox 360 BROKEN for ??100 then another xbox 360 for ??200 and something, sold our Wii for ??240, sold Playstation 2 for ??70, sold bulk of 40 dvds for ??70 and another 40 for ??80!!! so its well worth doing hun, and anything you want over ??50 you put a reserve down, if it doesnt get what you want it doesnt sell. theyre always doing special offers like 10p an auction days etc xxxx

  • I have never used ebay LOL it's like a whole new workd, ok well I think that is a great idea and I will be talking to hubby about this also tonight image Thank you girls what would i do without you all.

    k XX
  • you would b in all sort of bother LOL!!!! good luck honey xxxx

  • oh bless ya!
    OH got into loads of debt when he was younger nothing to show for it, got consolidation loans then we went through IVA for a year, found out were wasting money for them not to pay our creditors then asking us for double the amount each month. now were half way through bankruptcy! but still have store cards and a cc that we plan to pay off within 3months at end of year. No xmas for us i tells ya!! hopefully it will all be sorted b4 baby. xxx
  • Hi K-Lou,

    Im by no means a financial advisor but im pretty good with money and saving it and heres how I do it...

    I have an ongoing bank statement which I note down on whenever I spend. On pay day each month I sit down and fill it in. I note what has come in, what will be going out over the whole month and what is left is for food, petrol, savings & misc.

    Work out what you spend on food & petrol each month, save a little for one treat (ie a takeway, a meal out etc) and then bank the rest in a savings account which you can access only with a book and cant be touched using a hole in the wall. Then learn to live on the money you have put aside. I would suggest living off cash so you dont lose count of how many ??10's you have taken out but if you cant do that then just make sure you keep all receipts and write them down with a running balance on your 'bank statement'.

    You will soon see it mount up and you will feel better - then use that pay off the credit card. It could take a little while to see a difference but seeing money mount up in a savings account will make you feel good and then you can pay off a bulk in a few months time which will make you feel better.

    Combine that with selling stuff (i find car boots quite good) and the 0% credit card or consolidation loan and you will be on the road to recovery!

    My main advice would be....get rid of any surplus cash into the other account because if you can see it in your account you will spend it and make sure can account for pretty much every penny you spend. You will then see what you do actually spend it on & will realise you can cut down without it being too much of a chore!

    Good luck!
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