Trying again after miscarriage

I am new to this site but found it during my first pregnancy which i miscarried with image A few months ago I had the miscarriage and I am trying again but with the last pregnancy I seemed to be really connected with my body like having really cliche sypstoms hightned sense of smell urinating regulary etc. I am 4 days late for my period but I have been having cramps I have read some where on here that this is common in early pregnancy but I dont want to get my hopes up as the miscarriage was devastating. I had cramps like i was about to come on my period with the miscarraige and I am wondering wether this is nothing another miscarriage or an actual pregnancy ? Im just really confused as to wether to get my hopes up or not any feedback would be good please ?!? xx


  • Hiya Lauren .. Sorry to hear about your miscarriage but glad to hear you feel ready to try again. I'm in a similar situation as my first pregnancy ended in missed miscarriage in June. This board is useful for people generally ttc but there is also a forum for those who are ttc after a miscarriage and following on from that a forum of those who are pregnant following miscarriage/ eptopic. You might find them useful as the ladies in both of these boards understand the additional fears and worries you might be feeling.
    AF four days late seems promising, my Af is due tomorrow but have no Af symptoms but have been having quite strong pregnancy symtoms for the last 2 weeks, (stronger than last pregnancy) but like you I am trying not to get my hopes up and I am too scared to test...which is daft as I want to be pregnant but equally as soon as I know I am officially then I will start to worry about history repeating itself.
    Take care
    Sue xx
  • Hi Lauren and Sparkles, I've had 1 mmc and 2 mc's now and I hang around here - it's more active and cheery than ttcam and I don't like to read the sad stories - it reminds me of bad times. I do pop on there to offer any advice I have (fwiw) once in a while.

    Lauren are you taking your folic acid and vitamins as I would say that if you are late with af and haven't tested you should do that at a minimum in case you are pg.

    When I was pg with my first I got to 11w and the doctor told me the cramps were very normal so if you are pg I suspect the cramps would be very normal. Try not to worry hun, easier said than done believe me I know, but I am the exception and hopefully you have had all the bad luck you're going to get now and the chances are your next pg will be just fine. I say go ahead and do a test and see what shows up! Good luck.x
  • Hi thanks for the replies image they are really helpful And I never thought to take my folic acid whch seems stupid really ?! And sue it's so strange isn't it how you want to be pregnant but so reluctant to find out! I will be definatly do a test it will probably be saturday morning now (couldn't face doing one right before work and either way having to sit in there either over the moon or gutted) and I will let you know wither way and I want to know the same from you ! Thanks again both of you xx
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