i went to see my gp...

i went to see my gp and he told me he wants 2 see me again thursday, he says by then the bleeding should have stopped, he just cant understand y its not hurting me physically. i did a FR test and got the faintest line in the world, its barely there, this tells me that the HCG in my body is almost gone and hopefully the bleeding will stop soon.
my gp says on thursday when he sees me he is going to refer me to the early scanning unit to check everything has left my body. he then says he will refer me to my bupa healthcare for tests as to why i am having reaccuring miscarriges. my heart feels like it is broken in to thousands of pieces and i just wish the pain would go away. how am i ever going to get thru this, how have other people coped? im fedup of crying now and holding on to the hope that altho iv had a lot of bleeding and my tests are becoming more and more faint i could still be pregnant when deep down i no i cant stop it. why is there nothing i can do to stop it? i hate to drag up memories for people but was any1 else the same, no matter how many test you
did or how much bleeding you had did you find you still held on to impossible hope?
im sorry i have been so depessing to you all the last few days and i wont keep posting these awful messages but i just needed to let my feelings out. thanks for taking the time to read this it means a lot to me and i pray that every1 of u gets ur bfp soon that you all desrve so much.


  • o sweet im so so sorry hope everything turns out one day how u want and hope all goes smoothly as possible thur sending love and hugs not that will make u feel any better.... xxx
  • Aww sweetheart, never apologise for how you are feeling, it is completely understandable.

    I too have had a mc this year and it was hard but nearly 3 months on I am stronger, I still have my sad moments but I am positive about the future.

    I am glad you have been to the docs and that he will refer you, you need some answers.

    Please come and see me and the other lovely ladies in ttc after mc/ec, they supported me massively through and after (and still) my mc and they are amazing.

    Love and hugs to you,
    Love MrsH xxx
  • o hun

    (((((((((((((((((((((((((((((HUGE HUGS))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

    Im no help but couldnt r&r

    gembags x
  • Sly I can't even begin to imagine what you must be going through, I'm so sorry to read your hurt. I'm sure I've read somewhere that early mc's can be prevented by progesterone supplements. So I'm sure now you've made the 1st steps you can get checked out and they'll start putting it right for you. Let us know how you get on, I'm sure they'll make you feel better XXXXXXX
  • Hi hun,

    I can't imagine what you're going through, it must be heartbreaking. I just wanted to add that a friend of mine had a very early mc last year and then 2months later had an 11wk mc. She was devasted and she had to wait 48 hours to be hospitalised to have the pregnancy removed.

    The good news is that she is now heavily pg and everything seems to be going fab! Sometimes there are no explanations for these situations other than the bloody cruelty of life. But it doesn't mean you'll never be able to carry full term.

    I hope you get a sticky bean soon chick!!!
  • o hun (((((((hugs)))))))) you poor thing. I had a mc back in December at 6+1 and mine gave me no physical pain either, but I know how much your heart must be breaking right now xx
  • Aw im ss sally, I dont know what to say but didnt want to read and run. Im really glad they are referring you to have some tests and i really hope they find a solution. You really deserve a BFP and I hope you get it soon.
    I know it wont make you feel better but i know you will get a hell of alot of support from this website, take care of yourself.

    ((((Lots of hugs))))


  • image So sorry hun **Hugs**
  • Dont you worry about talking about it at all, what ever helps you...the website is here to help people through the good times and the bad.

    glad you went to your doctor today just so sorry to hear your news it must be truely horrific.
    Just wish could be of more help, maybe MrsH is right to try other forum as they will have experience of what you are going through.

    cuddles xx
  • http://i962.photobucket.com/albums/ae106/mrslast2b/th_12mix.jpg

    didnt no what to say, hope these make you smile. ((((hugs)))) xxxx

  • Sally,

    I just wanted to say that if you want to talk please email me, I will try to enable my email button or check and see if you have yours enabled.

    As you know I am going through a similar thing. Things are different for me as this is the first time this has happened and I do have children but I can totally relate to your post...I could have written it.

    I am bleeding a lot...it does hurt-the bleeding is worse than I thought but the pain is less. I too am hanging onto to stupid hope which is ridiculous because with the amount of bleeding and clots there is no way the bean is still ok in there- but I have thought of all sorts of stupid senerios. Yesterday I just wanted to be at home and just let it happen and move on...today I am waiting for the midwife to call (she is meant to be calling back to see whats happening) and I keep stupidly thinking she is going to give me some hope. Iwant to go to the drs even though there is nothing that can be done and I know there isn't anything they can say.

    I am so glad you are getting some tests done hun...you WILL get there one day. We will both be fine- we just have to feel it for now.

    Please get in touch with me, perhaps we can help each other?

    Joy xxx
  • I have now enabled my email button hun

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