im sure she is on her way early grrrrrr

aaaarrrggggghhhhhhhhh i have horrendous period pains today yet not due til friday so i really aint impressed ...... i know it hasnt arrived yet but feel it going to and soon .........
sorry moan peeps but no one else feels what i am feeling and understands .... baby dust to everyone xxx


  • Hi hun

    Could be implantation pains as you will be 8/9 dpo

    fingers crossed its looking promising

  • thanx hunnie i hope so as we all know we never no but gut feeling is the witch is on her way lol...... hows u hunnie?? xx
  • Am ok am in holiday mode go on wed for our anniversary 1 year cant wait to be in the sun, relaxing, drinking cocktails he he!

    So need it, hope its not AF and your bean settling in

  • ooo lovely have great time hun xxx
  • Hi brammer.
    I had bad period pains on thurs at 9DPO and have had spotting.
    I was sure AF was about to start but nothing yet.
    Am due AF weds, but will be 15DPO then.
    Had a BFN this morn so not sure what to think as thought this could be implantation.
    Good luck hun, hope you get your BFP
  • hi em lou im in same boat as u had very very slight spotting this morning and slight tonight no pains or anything hope we both experiencing implantation hun and not the dreaded witch on her way....... good luck and hope u get a bfp very very soon keep me posted xxx
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