another BBT question... confused...

morning ladies!

this is my first month of taking bbt and am so confused.
i'm now on CD16. i had ewcm and + on ov test on thursday, CD14. yesterday morning i had a higher BBT reading that other days - went from around 35.4 to 36.7. had ewcm again yesterday. this morning i took my temp and it is 36.5?? i thought it was meant to stay high after ov? or might my 36.7 be a reading that was out, and i haven't ov'd yet??

just wondered if temp should remain high straight away for a few days after ov?:\?

thanks! xx


  • hiya mrs-e, it's been a while since I did bbt-ing but it sounds fine to me - once you've had the higher reading you should look back at the last 6 low temperatures and then draw a line one tenth of a degree above the highest of those, this is your coverline. As long as post-ov temperatures stay above the coverline it's ok. If they fall below the coverline it could be an indication that your period is on its way. My post ov temperatures used to ping up and down quite a lot but usually stayed above the coverline, so don't worry if they do go up and down a bit.

    Hope that helps - bbt-ing can be really confusing, I did it for about 5 months, in the end I stopped doing it, the month I did was the month I got my BFP! On the other hand it is extermely useful in getting a good idea of your cycles.

    good luck!

    Em x
  • hello,dont know if this will help you but i wrote this down on another link agers ago

    before i had my first pregnancy i was going to chat my temp and it did say that you need to start on cd1 ok this is what it says

    when using bbt by the time you see the temperature rise you have probaby already ov, the value of the bbt chat is to help predict a pattern in your temperature cycles for the future months. ovulation should accur 24-48 hours before the temperature rise is detected,this will help you predict the days on which you are most likely to become pregnant in the following cycle
    the temp of your body as soon as you wake up is known as your basel body temp (your bodys temp at rest) for most woman 35.6 tp 36.7 degrees celsius is consided noram b4 ov, this increases to between 36.1 to 37.2 after the changes are typically small frations from 0.2 to 0.5 degree
    a monthly change in your bbt is ne of the indications that your ovulatory function is working correctly,once ov has occurred the hormone progesterone is released ,one of the consequences of this is to trigger a slight increase in your bbt,your bbt will remain elevated until just before your next af,the 24 hour period before the temp shift is identifed is the most fertile time of your cycle. you should take your temp from day 1 of your cycle,which is the first day of your af not spotting,take your temp immediately after you wake up and before you undertake any activity,make sure you dont move to much before you take your temp,do not eat or drink anything or get out of bed before you take your temp.and make sure you take your temp at about the same time each day to within an hour or so

  • thank you both for your replies, they have helped. i think i will wait and see what tomorrow's reading says. after all it has been quite hot lately so not sure if that will have affected anything recently!

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