OV pain or wind!?

I think today is OV day...its day 15 of my 28 day cycle. Im getting lots of pain which actually feels more like wind! Does anyone else OV pain feel like this? I got it last month and didnt think anything of it, just thought it was wind but could it actually be OV pain? Can someone describe their OV pain so I can 'match' symptoms!


  • hey. im in my first month ttc and 'think' i ovulated on the 11th..i had just gone to bed and suddenly got really bad cramping pains on my left side of my stomach...it felt like really bad period pain...to the point where i thought i was going to come on. the pain eased on the 12th...i assume that was it? im completely new to all of this.
  • My OV pain feels a bit crampy then the next day I feel bloated like I have trapped wind, so you're prob right!

    Get BD'ing. x x
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