Anybody else waiting until after AF missed to test?

Hi All,

I was just wondering if anyone else is going to be waiting until after AF arrives before testing?

It's our first month of trying this month, and I don't really expect to be pregnant just yet (although I REALLY want to be!)

It mostly a cost thing, my Hubby is very frugal and a pregnancy test every month will not be allowed into the budget - (esp. when I'm saving all my Mad Money for the nursery fund.)

So currently I have a double pack in the bathroom cabinet ready and waiting until AF doesn't make it round for tea. I hate her anyway so can't wait till she buggers off for a while (I suffer from Dysmenorrhoea - Painful Periods so I going to have my fingers extra extra extra crossed she doesn't make an appearance)

I was just hoping there might be a few people who are also waiting! So you can help me resist the urge to just use my double pack up. (BTW anyone who is testing early - I totally get why you are, I wish I could but Hubby is TOO Frugal and I shall get many disapproving looks if I start testing early this early on in trying)

Thanks all!


  • I'll be waiting, its our second month of trying, I'm scared of getting a test now in case I jinx it or become obsessed!

    Good luck! image
  • Hey RoseNip, I will be waiting too!! I'm in my first month trying too and I'm just trying to keep myself calm as it's only month 1 and I know the chances of us being that lucky are slim, so I don't want to get a poas obsession just yet!!! When is your AF due? Mine is next weekend so I think I should try and wait a couple of days after that before testing...if I can!!.x.
  • Phew! I'm really broody right now so very excited about finally being able to try.

    My AF is supposed to be due 1st Dec but she never been quite on time so she might be a few days early or late - so even if she is late we've agreed since she's so unreliable we have to wait at least a week before testing.

    It is quite hard when you are just starting out for the first time - I have no idea what to expect and we're not telling anybody we are trying.

    So another 3 weeks even if she doesn't arrive!

    Good luck to both, hope we are all not waiting much longer X
  • Hi ladies i am waiting until AF is overdue to test well thats if AF does get overdue LOL

    It month 6 for me and i have spent a small fortune on POAS so i have not got any in the house either to tempt me LOL

    Not due untill 2nd at the latest as OV later again this month CD18

    so prob going to wait till i am 18DPO!! (dreaming now i am not hopeful this month didnt do much BD round OV image )
  • I always try to wait but i cant help it my local ??1 shop is doing 3for a ??1 image I hate getting AF without a BFN.
    I am at the point where BFN don't bother me i am so used to seeing them. I go each month and get 1 box so OH cant moan ??1 on hpt i usually get 2/3 choccy bars as well for when AF does come and she always does image
    Gems xx

    Month 15 ttc #2
  • I am trying my best to wait! I was due AF yesterday but sometimes she is late so I am waiting until tomorrow or tuesday to test. Its our first month ttc but really hope we have done it! xx
  • I'm going to try my best and wait! It's my first month ttc and I know it's not likely but I'm already getting my hopes up! Good luck hun xx
  • hi rosenirp, my cycles are so erratic at the moment i never know if i'm late or not! though i'm not sure i'd be able to hold off even if i did. if its a cost thing thoguh try this site: the cheapest ones are 10 for ??2 and are apparently used by the NHS.
  • Hiya,

    I will be waiting also. I am not due til 10th Dec!!! ages yet...haven't ov'd yet either - but always have 28-30 days cycle so know AF is due 10th Dec - am going to wait until 11th/12th to test. It's only our first month TTC but have a PMA and keeping my fingers crossed xx
  • i will be trying to hold off too. my af is due on the 30th but im in work that day so if af doesnt give me a sign she is on her way (which she usually does) then i will test on the 29th when i will be 16 dpo.xx
  • Hey ladies
    I'm not due till wednesday and I'm planning on testing on saturday if AF doesn't show. It hurts too much when you convince yourself your are only to get the double whammy, BFN and AF. Good luck to everyone. x.
  • Hi,

    After testing like mad last month (cheapie Amazon tests, so wasn't expecting to see a positive anyway) I've decided not to test until AF is late this month. Not ovulated yet, so in for a wait!!
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