Sperm Analysis

Anyone else had an unexpected bad result for their OH sperm analysis?

I've put him on Zinc and B12 supplements. Banned hot baths, limited him to one coffee a day. And will be buying him some looser underwear.

Any more reccomendations??


  • Thanks Mrs Amanda, that gives me hope.

    Was a bit of a shock to me, as I just assumed he would be fine and that it would be me causing all the problems with TTC. Just shows that it is definetely worth checking, especially if it can be improved.
  • hi - it was a shock to us too - his count and mobility were also fine- it was his morphology that was below average...totally unexpected...particularly for him as he really thought everything with him would be fine!!

    he's stopped caffiene and alcohol for 3 months at least as he's having another SA done after this time, he's also taking zinc and wellman tablets too!

    He's surprised me really as he's not really ever believed in tablets for vitamins etc but he's taking them religiously and even reminding me to take my folic acid!!
    my cousin has read somewhere that green beans and garlic are good too - hmmm...not sure I believe that tho - altho we'll try anything!!

    I'm sure he'll be fine! good luck xxx
  • Hi, My oh hasn't had his sperm analysed, but he is taking a supplement called Maca. I bought it online from www.healthydirect.com. This is what they say about it.

    "Long revered as a powerful aid to fertility, found to increase semen volume, sperm count and motile sperm count, Maca is also a famous fatigue fighter and general health tonic. No wonder Inca warriors used the Maca plant to increase their energy for battles!"

    Hope this helps! xxx
  • How long had everyone been trying for before they got their Oh/dh's sperm tested?

    How did they react to giving up alcohol completely?
    Do you think if they gave up for a couple of weeks a month, it would make a difference?
  • Can i ask MrsAmanda, my oh and i have only just started ttc or 2nd, but would it be advisable for him to take some supplements anyway??? xx Megs xx
  • Thank you, other than folic acid, is there anythin else i could be taking that will help?? xx
  • We have only been trying for a couple of months, but with all the problems I have had with my AF over the last four years I pushed the GP into tests for myself. So far the results for me have been okay and confirmed that I am OV. So the next step is the fertility clinic at the local hospital. But to get a refferal the OH sperm SA also needed to be done first. So that's why it came as a shock as I just expected it to be fine, I kind of expect them to find something wrong with me.

    His count was slightly down. But the percentage of quick non deformed sperm was fairly low. So on a positive side he does have some heathly sperm, but could just do with improving the number of the heathly ones.

    But at the moment we are waiting for our appointment to come through. So I thought best to do all we can while we are waiting.

    And you never know one of those heathly sperms may just get lucky!!
  • my dh was diagnosed with a low sperm count back in March. tbh after we got the results we were so devastated we both cried for few days, but also at the same time relieved because we now know why I'm not falling preggie and we can do something to put that right.
    We have been ttc for 2 years and referred to go for fertility tests by doc in Oct 07.
    When we got dh results he was silent and switched off straightaway, we can't even remember the numbers of each are but we know they were very low! he was told that it was low in every area and hosp recomm IVF for me. Personally I think that was 2 soon to talk about that because they didn't even give us any advice on how to improve it so.....
    We researched our selves, we cut caffeine out straightaway, we started to eat a healthy diet, stopped eating sweets,chocolate etc to a point LOL We all still need that bit to keep us happy. My dh is on a recomm sperm supplement called Proxeed, it is exp but really good, he's started to eat brazil nuts because they are appar good for sper (selenium) he doesn't have many baths but he still has some because he enjoys them (luke warm though) He's had another sperm test done in March and we will get the results in July at our 2nd app and if it's still low I will go on waiting list for IVF
    My advice to you is that don't let the sperm test get you and your fella down, there are ways you can improve it and diet is a big factor where fertility is concerned. Not only will you feel better but you will also loose excess weight like I have.
    Good luck
  • Good luck everyone, lets hope these extra supplements will work to improve our chances and hopefully get a BFP!
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