Is this AF at last?

I know that an AF visit means a bfn but having not had a period for so long, I do desperately want one so I know that I'm ovulating!

Last weekend - slight cramps on one side like period pain but gentle then no period.... this morning (tmi) a bit of brown spotting (although no pain - way-hey! Imagine, first period since stopping the pill in March and it might even be painfree!).

I think she may be on her way. Odd to have so long between the pain and her showing, but at this stage, I'm willing to be hopeful!


  • If theres no way it could be implantation(which of course would be better!) then I hope she arrives properly so you know where you are. Good luck!!xxx
  • Thank you! Would love to think its implantation but daren't get my hopes up. I would truly be satisfied with the recommencement of AF so I can hopefully get a BFP next month.

    Although, sadly, there seems to be no more sign of it so I think I may have got excited prematurely about it all.

  • Well if she starts to arrive with me I'll redirect her to you if you dont mind!!!xxx
  • No - I'd love it, in fact. I feel it would also be sod's law to have gone for blood tests to see why she's been so absent and then AF to turn up before the results are even back!
  • Hey Flush, great that AF might have finally found you. Send her my way when you're finished with her!
  • Well, I hope its implantation, but if not then - WOOHOO for your af! Maybe thats where mine has finally gone! x

  • Ladies - thank you so much!

    I think I may have been excited too soon. Gutting but after some dark spotting, now have a big fat nothing.

    Although, I'm not letting that stop me eat loads of chocolate...x
  • wooo hooo honey image I also hope your preg and its implantation but if it is not then woo hoo for yout AF lets hope it is a pain free oneimage

    K xx

  • Oh no! I rejoiced too soon. So disappointed with myself for getting hopes up. No more spotting, no AF and no other AF signs (clear complexion, not moody etc)

    I must be THE worst symptom spotter on here if I symptom-spotted for AF and got it wrong....!
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