Well I think

I may be out this month image
Woke up this moring after being 2 days late only to see some yukky brown discharge (so i guess she is on her way),Intrestingly tho iv had no af pain or the usual low back pain i get or bad temper i am however very very teary
Its only our first month trying so very early days and i was never really expecting to catch this quick anyway but still feel bit blahhh.

Fingers crossed for the rest of the ladies xxx


  • Oooooo boo hun.....mind you it could be implantation....not over till the witch appears....good luck bab xxxxx
  • Thanks hoping2beamummy not holding my breath lol x
  • can oyu let me no how it works out?

    have you taken any tests? im 2 days late too and BFN but none of the normal AF symptoms at all

  • sorry hun, xxxxxxxx hugs x
  • can oyu let me no how it works out?

    have you taken any tests? im 2 days late too and BFN but none of the normal AF symptoms at all


    Will do hun took a CBD yesterday but BFN but like you say iv had non of the normal symptoms wich is strange im sure they will come with force in the next few days lol xx
  • i hope not!!!

    fingers crossed for us both love image we could just have shy beans image

  • Fingers crossed indeed keep me updated xx
  • I hope it is shy beans for you both also image xxxxx
  • Brown blood doesn't mean it is over yet.

    good luck
  • Hopefully they are shy beans and you will get your BFP's in a day or two xx
  • I really hope so i feel fine in myself apart from tired but then again i have had a busy few days but usually af makes me feel awful only time will tell xx
  • this could be a good sign, i had brown discharge for 2days before af was due and it went on for another 3 days so thats 5 days in total of brown discharge.
    i was the same as you and had no af pains/cramps. i got a bfn the day before af was due then got my bfp 2 days after it was due image im now 5 weeks and 3days gone.
    good luck hopefully you will be joining us in DIA soon image

  • Hi miss to mrs congratulations on the baby you must be over the moon.
    Its seems to have got less and less thru out the day i have noticed wich is weird lol x
  • thats great to know mrs-to-mrs as i dont feel 100% have done a ebay cheepy today and BFN af due on friday!!
    not really had any symptoms as such just not right!! feel alot better knowing some people only get bfp after af due and not always before! was nearly ruling myself out!!
  • fingers crossed for you mrs broodypops!! xxxxxx
  • thanks everyone reading all your replies has made me feel a little bit beter but wont get my hopes up until i see those 2 pink lines xx
  • Fingers crossed she doesn't show up. Let us know how it goes!!
    Baby dust :::::::::
  • Well still no af just that yukky brown stuff (sorry tmi)
    up untill this evening now it has stopped so really is puzzling me lol spose it could be that i only came off the pill 5 weeks ago so my body is still trying to adjust.
    confused.com lol xx
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