Newbie, ish!

Hi ladies, I had my DS in June last year and hes nearly 7 months now, i've always wanted my LO's close in age so me and OH are hoping to start TTC this year, after ive lost some weight. Tho not TTC just yet, ive been noseying a bit, and felt I should introduce myself!

Hope you dont mind me popping in from time to time, and ill be joining you all fully soon i hope!

Lea xx


  • Hello again me too image xxx
  • Hello!! Oooh its so lovely to have Mummys on here who can answer our questions too.

    Welcome along!!

  • hello ladies ;\) so many of us junies are in ttc!!!!!! i stopped the pill a few days ago, af just finishing. no idea what my cycles will be like :roll: but hoping to have a + by jonnis 1st birthday in june. fingers crossed. good luck to everyone who is ttc just now x
  • oh love it i stopped in Dec but untill last night havent had unprotected sex i do however need my treatment done b4 i TTC (uv prob read about that in our forum) but what will be will be i just cant wait to get my appt over and done with so we can get trying again last time it happened really quickly xxxx
  • Im hoping to have my implant out in may, so can start TTC in june, around mine and Theos birthday! Just need to drop those pounds! Or make OH argree sooner! hehe! Didnt realize you were over here too berly! shows how much i pay attention! who knows, us junes may become another month together too! Hope your not waiting too long for you BFP tho! Good luck! x
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