Shortening your cycle???

Hello ladies, just wondering what people have used to shorten their cycles and seen good results? Also z bit worried because I read that you can have long cycles because the egg is slow to mature, if so, would it be dangerous to try to shorten it?

Thanks! X


  • not sure as its something to do with yr hormones but hope something exists as im now on cd49!
    good luck.x
  • Oh no! CD49? I am CD 27 today and still haven't OVd (I don't think!) so looking at a long cycle. Very odd because they are 32 days on average. Thought if it did turn out to be long, I may take something next cycle. I've heard Starflower, Angus Castus and Evening Primrose Oil may work - just wondered what people thought. I know you only take them up til OV - what if you don't know when you OV?
  • yeah i heard about evening primrose but like u say u cant take it afetr ov as it can damage baby. too much of aa risk for me is that. I thought id ov'd cd28 this month but turned out it was cd43!
    hopefully this month was just due to coming of pill and next month will be normal! lol
  • Eep. were you doing OPKs? Hopefully it will just sort itself out. Mine were bang on 28days after the Pill and then around when we started trying they got longer. I'm wondering if it is the stress of TTC?! I agree that seems a bit dodgy taking anything that can be risky, especially if you aren't sure when you OV.
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