FAO Miss88

Hi Hun,

Just thought I'd see how you're getting on and if you've got anyore symptoms and if you've tested yet?

New symptoms for me - been suffering with heartburn on and off for the last couple of days and a really itchy left nipple (lol) and a pain that comes and goes in my right boob - weird!

Happy new year to you too :\)


  • Hey Donnat2004

    Well i did a test @ 10dpo and it was a BFN, i called my dr and she said its too soon. The egg will either be just implanted or only have a little amount of HCG. I was happy but kinda upset at the same time coz i dont know if i could get my heart broken again...

    Yes, yet again another symptom, heart burn.. omg its bad feels like someone put a match down my throught but is goes away every couple of hours.

    I really hope you get ur BFP this month... we????r coming up to our 11th month so hopefuuly 11 is the number..
    happy new yr to u too xxx
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