feeling relaxed this month!

i dunno what it is a bout this month but i am feeling so much more relaxed! i havent got the single erge to test gonna wait until next monday as im due then! I think it may be because i dont think ive got much of a chance this month as we havent done the deed much! ive got my uni exams and hes knackard with work! feeling quite down about the fact of not BDing much image has anyone got any ideas of how to het the hubby "in the mood"??????


  • How about a bit of dressing up?? x
  • prob is that we do that everytime really???
  • Lol ok. Ummmm - why don't you wait in bed naked for him and when he gets home call him to the bedroom and into bed. Maybe you could put some candles out. Sorry I can't think of anything else - if I do I'll let you know x
  • hmm, hope this doesn't offend anybody but I use Ben Wa balls, when my OH finds them he wakes from a coma LOL

  • Shuck - what are they? I've never heard of them lol x
  • sorry what are these??
  • Shuck- what are they?? sounds interesting!!! ;0) xx
  • I have found that an element of surprise works well- eg washing the dishes with a baggy tshirt over the top of sexy undies so when you move he catches a flash- then you can punce unexpectedly- kills it a little thugh because i always make him go to bed so i can lie with hips elevated afterwards!!!!
  • Ben Wa balls are mainly used for pelvic floor exercises to make it stronger and ...ahem... tighter but you can get connected ones that you can keep...well you know where and when my OH finds them he goes crazy LOL and they help you get ready tooimage
  • Lol - they sound interesting Shuck!!
    Maybe you could look at something like that Sarah x
  • you can get some nice ones in Anne Summers for about a tenner
  • What about wearing one of his footy shirts (if he is into footy) and nothing underneath with knee socks; that is usually a favourite or a maids outfit - cook the tea and wash up etc in it and don't let OH do anything till tea is out of the way. I usually dress up while OH is out or in another room and let him find me.

    I agree with jellybaby that element of surprise is good. I am lucky because we both have high sex drives (tmi) and I don't have to dress up but enjoy seeing the look on his face when I do makes me feel confident.

    I have never heard of those balls before....sound very kinky haha image



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