Shooting pains

Hi there

I was just wondering if anyone else had had shooting pains in the lower tummy above lady bits. Sorry tmi. I'm about 7 dpo but wasn't sure if it's just body getting ready for af.

Thank you

v xxx


  • Hi Vicsy,

    I've heard a few other ladies who have had their BFPs this month say they felt 'something' around 5dpo - 7dpo, which was probably implantation. I really hope that's what you're feeling and you have some good news for us in a few days.

    In terms of me, I'm only 6dpo today but not had a single thing that I could describe as a possible pregnancy symptom. Nada - not even a bit of boob soreness or some tummy twinges. Starting to feel like we're out of the race this month, despite all the well timed BDing, zestica and positive OPKs. All my PMA is out of the window. Bah!

    Anyway, will keep an eye on the forum for your posts and keeping my fingers firmly crossed for you hun.

  • Ahhh Sarah, don't be disheartened by the no symptoms. A couple of girls have said they are symptomless. Try and keep up your PMA and just think only a few more days before testing.

    Will keep an eye out for you too. Here's to us both getting out BFP this month.

    V xx
  • Hi,

    I think I ovulated at the end of last week (not sure though as haven't had AF in 10 weeks after coming off pill). Which would put me at about 8dpo. Today and yesterday I've been getting weird twinges below my belly button which I'm hoping is implantation (not confident though!) It's not painful or uncomfortable just noticeable, almost like someone tightening a screw (if that makes sense?), no spotting or sore bb's though. But I have had 3 weird dreams in a row - last night I dreamt that someone stole all the drain pipes down our road!

  • That's exactly where it is. I definately know what you mean about the screw thing. Not sure about dreams as i haven't been sleeping great so can't really remember. Been asleep most of today to catch up. Let's hope our twinges are a good sign. I have sore boobs too but i did this time
    last month too so not thinking too much into that one.

    When you girls testing then? I'm so excited lol

    V x x
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