Am i on my own

or is just me who does these things:look in buggie section of catalogue tryin 2 decide which 1 i ll get if i get pg n lookin on net @ buggie reviews lol ne1 do similar things like me or am i just sad lol

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  • hey you not the only one. ive only just started ttc my second and ive already decided what kinda pram i
  • lol angelisha im just daydreamin n there so much choice out there
  • I'm exactly the same! I really fancy the M&P Luna in green...I love it and keep imagining myself pushing a little one around it! image

  • i haven't particularly looked at buggies - but am looking at all sorts to see what is out there and the cost!! lol!
  • i fancy the bebeconfort loola as seat is revervisable or the graco tour de quatto,looks a lil bulky tho.dont know wot all fuss is bout bugaboos think they look ulgy n very overpriced,i know think im obssessed:lol:

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  • I agree about the bugaboo although i've not seen one up close IRL or had a push of one! I agree they are ugly, think its the wheels that I dont like the most!

  • hi beth glad its not just me whos a lil obssessed:lol:apparently all celebs have bugaboos must b just cos they pricey n the latest must have,id rather have 1 thats good value n nicer 2 look '@. there i go again off in2 dreamworld,just cant help myself:lol:
  • Hi mushie. Im not just obsessed with prams i love looking at nursery furniture and all sorts of baby stuff too! I did a quick spreadsheet of what I would call the 'essentials' and the price was ??1500! Better get saving! My friend has the Loola and she loves it. It is a nice looking pram, I like it in red.

    We can be crazy together! Although im feeling very positive about this month, so I wont be crazy for long....hopefully! image

  • i know wot u mean beth,imstartin 2 put money aside already.yeah the red is the one i like 2.we re just bein practical:lol OH is gona have no say in pushchair as he wud prob go for a borin black sturdy 1 that he thinks looks manly:lol:
  • i am obsessed as well, looking at nursery furniture etc. i think of it this way - i can look and plan now, because if i get bfp i will be too scared to look for a while following recent mc and won't start looking until well into pregnancy!! so that is my excuse for looking now image
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