Can I come back ??

Hi ladies,

Well i'm back to the ttc as hubby and I have decided to try for baby number 2, now Charlotte is 14 months old.

I wondered if any of you could help me with a list of ovulation signs ? Its been so long since trying for my daughter that I cant remember.

Plus with my daughter I'd kind of given up ttc as it wasnt happening and my af's were all over the place (43-96 days !) and actually I managed to conceive my daughter in the July after not having had an AF since the beginning of May ! So I kind of stopped paying attention to my body.

Just some info, i'm not on the pill or anything as it was rough coming off it to ttc my daughter, my af's are varying wildly from 28 days this most recent cycle, to anywhere from 37 days to 59 days. Hence why I need to know what ov signs to look out for ! :lol:

Thanks ladies X


  • Hi there Lambchop

    Welcome back, some women don't get ov signs so can only speak for myself. I would say the main one to notice is the Egg White Cervical Mucus, some ladies have slight pains on the left hand side (or right) of their tummy. As for me I get the pains and the EWCM, however I kind of want sex all of the time (sorry tmi) .

    You can also buy the ov tests, and they reckon that you usually ov around 14 days before your period, but obviously that depends on your cycles and your body.

    Hope this helps

    Good luck

    V xxx
  • Hi Lambchop!
    Welcome back to the madhouse and good luck ttc. Vicsy has pretty much said it all with ovulation symptoms. Xx
  • welcome back chick,not sure if i was here the last time you were,not into maths this evening lol
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