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Long time no see

Hey Ladies,

I've been out of town for a wk so havent had a chance to jump on here...

ok so ive been temping and i don't really understand it all too much

My temp was normal till around 6 DPO, then it went up and has been that way for a while now.
Tell me what you think. We BD 2 days before ov the day I ov and 2 DPO

karina xx


  • Sounds promising karina, hope u manage to get a good result on testing day!! xx
  • Me too.... we've just signed the new papers for our brand new house to be build, it takes 8 months so it would be perfect timing...
  • hi hun, congrats on the house. sounding good, fingers crossed for you.xxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Hi hun,
    Was wondering where you've been hiding. Good sign with the temps staying high, fingers crossed. I am 5DPO.
  • awww 1 day difference.. im really excited this cycle... but we got some bad news today the finance for the house fell thru so looks like no new house till next yr... maybe a new baby to go with it.... Donna any signs yet?
  • aww hun, sorry to here that, it would be lovely to move into the house with 3 of you, though.xxxx
  • Ah Karina, really sorry to hear about the house.

    I am 6DPO today, temps still high and I've had the odd twinge in my tummy. Also feels like something is stretching if I raise my leg too high! Boobies are a little sore and green veins in my boobies. What about you hun? x
  • Hey donna

    Umm well I did my temp today and it changed my whole ov day... But i think because i did my temp so late today it might be wrong... Plus i had cramps and felt like i was just about to ov days ago..

    So according me me im 11 DPO and according to the messed up chart im 4 DPO......

    My boobs have been killing me, when i roll over in bed the hurt, hubby cant go anywhere near them.
    Been a little tired but thats just all the travel i think, me things are getting darker weird, and yes i have the veins too..

    OH Donna I hope it your month this month you deserve it... Fingers crossed xx
  • Hi Karina, soz to hear you're having trouble with FF - I usually find it very accurate. Fingers crossed for you too this month hun.
    Im 7DPO today and apart from odd twinges/pains/pulling senstations on my right side, and sensitive nipples (but not half as bad as what they usually are) I've got nothing else, but I'm trying not to worry that that's a bad thing!
  • Its so hard! This is our 12 month of trying so one whole yr... I'm hoping i dont have to wait much longer.. and every time i say that I feel like im being selfish image
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