Exhausted & fed up


Having a bummed out day I'm afraid. image

I have felt so utterly exhausted today (and yest) and also suffered some sickness on and off and I just feel like crying. I so convinced myself I could be pg but got a BFN this afternoon and all my PMA has vanished.

I have no idea where I really am in my cycle which doesn't help because I have nothing to cling to or work towards. If I could get cd1 again then I can start taking my agnus castus to help regulate my cycle, start temping or using ov sticks etc. I could do SOMETHING.



  • Hi Robin81

    I know how your feeling huni....there is still chance that you could get ur bfp..just test in a few days, as your symptoms sound very promising!!

    Im on month 8 ttc...and i'm feeling really crap too, im 5dpo and feel so tired, dizzy and crampy. My boobs r much fuller and tender....but due to the amount of bfn im used to, im guessing its just my body preparing for the dreaded AF!!

    Try and keep ur chin up...we will try and help you along the way!!xxxx
  • hi Robin

    can i join you in feeling miserable. I had a m/c a few weeks ago, we're trying again but i have no idea when to expect AF. symptom spotting like mad even though i know its too soon to be pregnant image

    Hugs x
  • I totally understand how you feel. As you know the past week was a nightmare for me but it did end well.
    As you say your not 100% sure on where you are with your cycles so there is still hope. Try again in a few days with FMU and see what happens. Its only when I had completely given up that I got mine. Dont know what on earth made me test yesterday.

    I have my fingers and toes crossed very tightly that you will be joining me soon xxx
  • Thanks girls. Lianne how nice I was able to send you a cyberhug yesterday and you are here to send one back today.
    MrsMcQ - Sorry to read about your MC. Symptom spotting is awful isn't it. And I imagine you would have mixed emotions about them too.

    I suppose there is still a chance but I just feel like its slipping away. Probably hormonal or something - no doubt due AF!
    But hormones make you feel worse I guess.

    I'll test in a few more days but will prob wait until the weekend now so I only have one BFN to face instead of 2 or 3 this week. For once I don't want to test...ironic!?
  • Thats ok..i needed my cyber hug!!

    Yeh i think you should wait until the end of the week, i'm also going to do an early test (on fri, as i'll be 9dpo) thats if i still feel like this?

    Let me know what you decide to do xxx
  • Thanks Babylove: Maybe its part of it that we have to feel at our lowest before bfp arrives?

    Lianne - Big hug! I will probs test sat morning so hubby is here. In all honesty I wouldn't be too chuffed if I got a bfp in the work loo after all! lol

    I will send good wishes your way on friday! xx
  • Just ordered a chinese take away to cheer me up and it smells like a dustbin/ashtray - its mega strong! image
  • I had my BAD day on thursday and cheered myself up with a chinese :\)

    I enjoyed every bit of it though xxx
  • Aww...i see where you are going. lol

    Did it smell of ashtrays? image LOL!
  • Can't say it did. Did you enjoy it at all?
  • Yeah it was ok. I think it was the satay that was the worst. Having a strange hankering for sweet n sour sauce and chicken balls.
    Normally can't stand them! lol
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