sorry that sounds rude but just wanted to say. i got first response test in boots today buy one get one free. offer also does the first response ovulation stuff as well.xx


  • saw that and thought charming!! lol
    Filo x
  • lol. couldnt be bothered writing it all out the subject.lolxx
  • don't tell me about offers like that!! lol!
    am trying to hold out even buying a test until AF is late! but with offers like that i might just HAVE to go into boots and accidentally buy some...! xx
  • I got some about an hour ago!!! I think there the best, go mrs e, go, b4 they run out!!!!! xxxxxx
  • Are they the digital ones?

    Haven't a clue about which ones I'll need to get - trying not to think about it! And are digital ones the best / easiest?!

  • Thanks for the heads up - hopefully I'll be needing to buy them when af doesn't arrive tomorrow and I have lots of advantage card points so doubly good offer!
  • I don't think FR do digital ones - only CB! FR are more sensitive than CB tho so are known to be better xx
  • Hey thanks! I like First Response!!

  • no they not digital. although i did notice when i was in boots have started there own digital
  • Thanks girls - I really have no idea what I should be doing or buying - it's hilarious really...

    It's my little way of coping with it - just not really acknowledging it at all... Having said that, maybe I'll have a look in Boots tomorrow and familiarise myself with these test things!!

  • I saw that too! MrsButtons - CDB are easier as they tell you in words so there is no misreading the lines!! Can be harsh tho when you see the words 'not pregnant'. lol xx
  • Thanks immense

    I love this forum - it's where I can ask all my stupid questions!!! And I have lots of them... image

  • Can we use boots! x x
  • dont see why not. although it came up chemist products on receipt so not sure.xx
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