The wait begins...

Wel according to all the charts I should have ovulated between sunday and yesterday, although not sure if I did. No ewcm to speak of although have had af type cramps. was doing ov sticks but did'nt get a DARK line, just faint lines which have now just about gone. Not sure if any of these are good signs!!!!
So I guess the 2ww officially begins. As my cycle tends to be 22 days I am due on 15th july. Am gunna try my hardest not to symptom spot, and will be trying even harder not to test early. Wishing all of you lots of luck,.sending pma and baby dust. xxxx


  • Good luck and hope you get your BFP.
  • good luck on your wait. i hope you get bfp! i will be joining you on the wait very soon image
    lots of pma xxx
  • good luck i should be ov'in from today signs as yet but im pretty sure i know when i due around the 17th so a few days after you....lots of pma hun
  • omemoremakes4,

    I think that makes us 2ww buddies! I can't really tell you exactly because we are so chilled about it that we don't exactly know the right dates!!!

    I actually sound really rubbish but I know it's better for us doing it this way. So now, I'll just look out for your post to see when you test and I'll maybe do the same if AF not arrived by then!!!

  • Good luck to you hope the wait is kind on you. Am sure I will be posting lots just to try and keep my sanity lol. It's only month 3 so if it doesn't happen this time I will try not to get disheartend. Sending you lots of baby dust and pma. xx
  • Have a good 2WW and sending lots of baby dust! x

  • i hope the wait doesnt send you too looopy! good luck and fingers crossed xx
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