Whats the earliest anyone has ever tested and got a BFP?

Hi All,

Just wondering what is the earliest anyone has tested and got a positive result?

Write bk girlies !


  • Hi,
    Have jumped in this forum for a bit to see can i pass on any pearls of wisdom....lol....I found out i was preg at 5wks and the most shocking thing was it was a preg test from the pound shop!!!

    Good luck to all the ladies TTC.xxxx


  • i tested on the 28th of april but wasnt due untill the 6th of may i used tescos own brand same as sb the line was faint so i bought a cbd and that came up almost straight away i was just 4 weeks by the first day of lmp.


  • i tested 4 days before I was due with a first response kit and it came up almost straight away - v shocked!
    Good luck
  • I tested 4 days before AF with CB (not digital) and fmu and got very faint line. Then waited 4 hours used first response and got very clear BFP.
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