Folic Acid?

Hi I'm new here.

My husband and I are planning to start ttc at the end of June. Im a bit confused with what dose of folic acid I should be taking.
I've got some pregnancy care vits from Sainsburys as they were similiar to the pregnacare ones and they say on the packet 'before conception, through pregnancy and breast feeding', they have 400ug in them which I think is the reccommended dose?
Now I'm a bit confused because on the back it says only take the folic acid up to the 12th week of pregnancy so how can they be for through pregnancy and breast feeding? Is 400ug of folic acid ok for the rest of pregnancy and breast feeding too?

I just want to make sure I'm getting enough and taking the right dose.


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  • hi. im sure 400ug is the recommended amount. the tabs are safe to take for the rest of pregnancy as far as i know they advise it as a must to take for fist 12weeks. it not as vital after that but i think the vits and stuff in the tabs help in the preg. good luck in ttc we are also starting at the end of june.xx
  • Hi
    Am sure that is the right amount to take and agree with angielisa that it is just advised to take until atleast the 12th week. I am taking sanatogen pronatal and that is the amount of folic acid that they have. They also have that should take before ttc and throughout pg and breastfeeding.

    Good luck

  • Hi Beth,

    Just wanted to let you know that the dose on the bottle is ok while ttc unless history in family of birth defects then higher dose from gp would be recommended, from personal experience you should carry on taking folic acid as some birth defects are'nt picked up as early as 12wks and can be picked up at 16wk blood tests too.

    Please read my other post on the importance of folic acid and see if it helps in any way, good luck in ttc.xx
  • Thanks for the replies ladies!!

    Im so excited about TTC but also quite apprehensive too as its so out of your control really!

    I'll carry on with these pregnancy vits then, I just wanted to make sure I was doing the right thing.

    Maynoschik - It was your thread that prompted my thinking about it and getting the vits out to read the back of the packet! Thank you for posting your experience as it's really made me think about it.

  • Hi Beth24! Just wanted to say welcome to the site and good luck TTC! You're definately doing the right thing with the folic acid! Hope you get you BFP soon xxx
  • Ive never been told to take a higher dose of folic acid and my sister had a baby with spina bifida!! How much should i take then? xx
  • Hi Debbie, i'm on 5mg, maybe you should speak to your doc about it, hope all goes well for all you ladies while ttc.xx
  • 400 is the recommended dose for ttc. the doctor and internet have told me that. I was advised to take for 3 months before ttc and for the 1st 12 weeks when PG.
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